∞ Schiller: Apple's holiday line-up is set

If you were waiting to purchase a new Mac in hopes Apple would release one more thing before the holidays, you can stop waiting. MacBookPhil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, told Gizmodo that the company’s holiday line-up is set. This means no new products.

This isn’t the first time Apple has done this. In previous years, Apple has made similar statements to make sure customers knew no new products would be released and that it is safe to buy.

It’s been busy for Apple in the last week. The company released a new Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server pre-installed, a new Magic Mouse, a new MacBook and new iMacs. We posted our review of the Magic Mouse and 27-inch iMac earlier this week.

  • Torstein A.

    Well, at least they are giving us (potential buyers) a green light to buy with confidence. None of this “should I buy now or should I cross my fingers and hope that something better is announced next week?” sort of indecision.

    I’m sure the fanboys who are crossing their fingers hoping that next week Apple will announce a new and improved quad-core MacBook Pro with Blue-Ray superduperdrive will be sorely disappointed. :p

  • Perry Clease

    No new products through the holiday buying season, but what about MacWorld Expo in January? 🙂

    • Jim Dalrymple

      That would be difficult since Apple won’t be there and Expo is in February now 🙂

      • Perry Clease

        I stand corrected, but I suppose that they still could announce it at MacWorld Expo

        • Hope springs eternal, Perry. But let me say unequivocally: Apple has had a very public and very obvious divorce from Macworld Expo. They’ll never announce anything there again.

          I could be wrong, but I very, very much doubt it.

  • So we shouldn’t expect any i5/i7 macbook pros unless it is going to be available as a build to order option.

  • Perry Clease

    “Apple has had a very public and very obvious divorce from Macworld Expo. They’ll never announce anything there again.”

    As usual such break-ups it is the children who suffer the most. 🙂

    • the Cappy

      Oh won’t someone please think of the children!!

  • Zoe

    At least they’re decent enough not to let the buyers wait for nothing. I’m sure there will be new Apple will come up with new products just like the recent Apple iPad.

  • Cool, cant wait to see it live.