∞ Steve Jobs says Apple is not de-emphasizing Mac OS X

In announcing the dates for its Worldwide Developers Conference on Wednesday, Apple upset some of its Macintosh developers. But Apple is not abandoning the Mac platform. Many developers felt left out and a little like Apple had slapped them in the face when it said the company would not accept submissions for its design awards from Mac developers, only iPhone and iPad developers.

Some even questioned whether they would attend WWDC this year.

One listener of Your Mac Life emailed Jobs on Thursday and asked:

I would like to know if Apple is putting a de-emphasis on Macintosh OSX software development moving forward?Is Apple’s future direction to support only mobile application development?

Jobs’ response:

No.Sent from my iPhone

  • damn i just love this new talkative Jobs … if you can call it talking … communicating maybe .. barely 😉

  • Bob

    That was a really lame question. Of course Apple isn’t going mobile-only. Perhaps the questioner could have gleaned some more meaningful information (even from Jobs’ one-word answers) had he stuck to just an “emphasis” perspective or even just placed it within the context of WWDC.

    If you’re going to ask Jobs a question, do it in a bite-sized chunk and only ask him one question.

    • Fair point. What would you ask Jobs, given the fact that you'll only get a one word answer?

  • I know that a lot of Mac developers are upset about there not being a Mac category for Apple's design awards at WWDC this year, heck probably most are upset, but this is a dumb question.

    Jobs isn't about to drop The platform he's carried forward for all these years because Apple now makes phones and music players. The Mac is Apple's desktop system. Something which we can't yet replace with iPhones and iPads and that you actually need to have in order to develop for either of these devices.

    Apple's Mac sales have been growing continuously quarter after quarter for several years now. In a couple of year's time I believe we will see the unification of Mac OS X and iPhone OS in a single platform with Touch being supported everywhere, but then you will still have desktop computers which you will have the option of using with your fingers on the screen. How else they might be different, only a handful of people inside Apple probably know at this point.

  • Joe

    All this whining reminds me of a little kid who complains that his sister gets cake and ice cream on her birthday, completely forgetting that he'll get cake and ice cream on his birthday, too.

    Mobile is big now. The iPad is new and just took off. Big iPhone and iPhone OS updates coming out soon. in the desktop, OTOH, Snow Leopard is just fine. There are few, if any, recurring complaints that need to be fixed (other than perhaps a few bug issues that will be addressed in point upgrades). Why rock the boat? When 10.7 is ready, then they'll be talking more about Mac OS X.

    Just enjoy your sister's birthday and realize that yours will come around, too.

  • They just released a brand new mobile product, and they are about to ship a significant revision to their iPhone OS …of course they want the majority of the information to be about those two things.

    What new has happened on the Mac dev side over the past year? Not much.

    When 10.7 is announced I expect them to crank the attention back up on Macs.

  • MrHtaken

    What Apple wants to do is entirely up to Apple … they could drop the awards entirely if they wanted. What would people say then? Heck, they could even stop WWDC …

    That said, why not just have the Mac Awards as well as the iPhone Awards … they can surely afford it, and it's not going to cause them that much trouble.

    Can they really need to focus on iPhone that much?

  • Hey, people, get the point here. No one should need a silly design award to create a great app. The sudden absence of one should be an, "Oh well."

    The only implications of this are and should be that the iPad and the iPhone OS are the current and coming BIG THING and the vast majority of Apple's attention at WWDC should be on them. It's an annual event and the timing is very good for really punching up these new products.

    Apple is moving into the mobile space big time and that reward is far bigger than any Mac Design Award.

  • Mac osx is not the only thing, but seems to be everything mobile. Awards are a big deal, like the tin man getting a heart, the straw man getting a brain and the lion receiving a certificate of courage, its all on paper and as humans it means a lot to us, being recognized by our peers. If not for awards, there would little incentive to invent or create. there has to be some payoff