The Loop magazine for iPhone and iPad released

On New Years Eve last year I said that I had some big plans for The Loop in 2013. The biggest of those plans is The Loop magazine for iPhone and iPad, which is available from the App Store today.

I wrote an introductory article on The Loop magazine Web site that you can read to find out why I decided to do a magazine, my inspiration and other details. I encourage you to read that.

There are clearly a lot of people I’d like to thank including Jamie and Daniel at TypeEngine, a beautiful new service I’m using to build and deliver The Loop magazine.

I would also like to thank Marco Arment for his support and advice over the past couple of months. It meant a lot to me.

As a quick overview, The Loop magazine will be updated twice a month through Apple’s Newsstand and will cost $1.99 per month, with a free 7-day trial.

All of the articles published in The Loop magazine are exclusive to the publication and written by some great writers. For instance, the first issue includes articles from Matt Gemmell, Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess, Michael Simmons, Holly Winewell, Peter Cohen and long time Apple analyst Ben Bajarin.

The one thing I did want to address is the Web presence for The Loop magazine. Here’s what I’ve decided to do. When an issue publishes, I will put one article on the Web that will be free for everyone. I will also publish partial articles for the remaining stories of that issue, with a link to subscribe to The Loop magazine.

When a new issue is released, I will look back at the stats for the previous issue and release the most read article for free. Over the following few weeks, the remaining articles will be made available for free on the Web.

The focus of The Loop magazine is to deliver the best long-form content for the iPhone and iPad. I believe we’ve accomplished that. So, go download it.

Enjoy The Loop magazine!