OMG iOS is being OS X-ified

I’m going to use the same faulty logic that some people have used to claim that OS X Mountain Lion is being iOS-ified to show how iOS is being Mac-ified.

Calendars: On the Mac first as iCal, clearly Apple added Calendars to iOS to make it look and feel like the Mac.

iTunes: There’s this little Mac app that is on iOS called iTunes where you can buy music.

Mail: You may be surprised to learn that you can send and receive email on iOS. Guess what? OS X first.

Safari: Did you know you can surf the Web on iOS? Yep, Mac first.

iPhoto: Photos are huge on iOS devices, but they were huge first on OS X.

You see my point? Apple added these apps to iOS because they made sense for those users. That’s exactly what Apple did with Mountain Lion — added apps and features that made sense for that OS.