Mountain Lion is not more like iOS

I said on Twitter this morning:

I’m amazed with all of the writers who claim Apple is making Mountain Lion more like iOS.Clearly, you don’t get it.

Really, I was shocked to see how many tech writers that don’t get what Mountain Lion is all about. I’ll tell you what it’s not — it’s not about making the Mac OS more like iOS.

Mountain Lion added the Notes and Reminders apps — that doesn’t make Mac OS more like iOS, it means that Apple added a couple of apps to the desktop. That means that millions of iOS users can open their Mountain Lion computers and have a higher level of familiarity with the apps on their Mac.

Not only that, Apple syncs the changes from the apps using iCloud. That’s about greater integration between the devices we use, not about iOS.

If Apple were trying to make Mountain Lion more like iOS we would be touching the screen of our computers to interact with out apps instead of using the keyboard and mouse.

Mountain Lion is about familiarity and integration. The new features and apps in Mountain Lion make sense for a desktop operating system.

These claims of Mountain Lion being more like iOS are just shit.