I would like to thank RIM’s co-CEOs for their incompetence

The holidays are approaching fast. It’s the time of the year where we take stock of the good (and bad) things that happened over the last 12 months, and figure out goals for the next year.

I would like to personally thank RIM’s co-CEOs for their complete and total incompetence in 2011. Without your lack of attention to the market and the details that would make a great product, my year wouldn’t have been so successful.

In February, when I first went against the mainstream media and called RIM out for its ridiculous PlayBook claims, I had no idea it would turn into an 11 month journey. Even I thought RIM would snap out of it sooner or later.

From my challenge that RIM needs to shut up and ship, to taking a picture of me and my iPad at RIM’s offices to show them a working tablet, RIM’s co-CEOs never let me down.

In fact, things got so bad for RIM that I stopped looking for things to post. The incompetence of the co-CEOs was so profound that they delivered all of the fodder that I could possibly hope for.

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis even had a meltdown while doing an interview with the BBC (his second in a week), denying that the company had any problems and that they were being “singled out because we’re so successful around the world.”

When the PlayBook finally was released it lacked basic features that almost every device in the world has — email and calendaring.

Responding to ridicule and complaints RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie said that people were “overplaying one aspect that really isn’t a core element that we’ve seen from our enterprise customers or webmail people.”

The year ended with RIM posting dismal sales, its stock tanking and two of its employees chewing through restraints on a plane.

Good times.