∞ RIM CEO has another interview meltdown

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis wasn’t impressed with the way an interview was going with the BBC and terminated the interview.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]As soon as the interviewer started asking Lazaridis about security issues with the governments in India and countries in the Middle East, the interview started to fall apart.

“That’s just not fair,” said Lazaridis. “First of all, we have no security problems.”

Lazaridis went on to explain why he feels people are focused on RIM.

“We’ve just been singled out because we’re so successful around the world,” said Lazaridis. “It’s an iconic product used by business, it’s used by leaders, it’s used by celebrities, it;s used by consumers, it’s used by teenagers. We’re just singled out, just because of our success.”

Not willing to let the question go unanswered, the interviewer narrows the question down again, hoping to get a response from Lazaridis.

“It’s over. The interview is over,” said Lazaridis. “Please, you can’t use that word, it’s just not fair.”

You can watch the video on the BBC Web site.

Earlier this week Lazaridis had another little breakdown while doing an interview with the New York Times.

“Why is it that people don’t appreciate our profits? Why is it that people don’t appreciate our growth? Why is it that people don’t appreciate the fact that we spent the last four years going global? Why is it that people don’t appreciate that we have 500 carriers in 170 countries with products in almost 30 languages?,” Lazaridis said in the interview.