∞ Bungie returns to the Apple fold, sorta

Bungie is the video game developer behind the legendary Halo franchise, so when it makes a move, gamers and game industry analysts tend to pay attention. Now the company’s turning its sites to mobile and social gaming with a new effort it calls Bungie Aerospace.

Long-time Mac users know Bungie as makers of the Marathon and Myth game series, of course, but they’ve been absent from the Mac ever since they were acquired by Microsoft. Now that they’re on their own again they’re looking for new stuff to do, though, and Bungie Aerospace is a new plan to team up with indie software developers in the mobile and social gaming spaces. Their first product is Crimson, which is coming to iOS this summer.

This news comes shortly after Bungie revealed that an independent developer has created a version of Marathon that runs on the iPad. Now, where’s Myth?