∞ Bungie's classic game Marathon coming to iPad

Bungie has confirmed that a version of its classic first person shooter game Marathon is headed to iOS – specifically, for iPad.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]According to an interview posted on the Bungie.net Web site, the iOS game conversion was a one-man effort produced by independent iOS developer Daniel Blezek, who does graphical imaging development work for a large medical center by day. He says he began porting Marathon to iOS in 2010.

The iOS work is based off of the open-source Marathon project that’s been floating around the Internet since 1999, according to Blezek, but there’s a lot of customization involved, as well. The interface had to be completely reworked, performance constraints required extensive optimizations and tweaking, and for the future, he plas to have adjustable controls for players who aren’t happy with the existing interface.

Marathon hadn’t appeared in the App Store as we posted this article, so check the store periodically for the link.