Apple Watch LTE problems are actually an existing Wi-Fi bug

Serenity Caldwell does a great job of explaining what’s going on with the Apple Watch connectivity problems. It also reaffirms why I didn’t experience any of these issues in my Apple Watch review—I don’t connect to these types of networks.

  • Tom_P

    You don’t get good, informative article about anything Apple on The Verge, that’s for sure. You can get many whiny ones though.

    • the Verge — you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy…

      • Janak Parekh

        What’s disappointing is how quickly they lost any quality. When they first came out, they had refreshingly decent reporting. Nilay Patel has really not done a good job (which, I suppose, is unsurprising.)

  • lkalliance

    I’m not sure that not connecting to those types of networks prevents this from happening. If I understand correctly what Ms. Caldwell is writing, it treats such networks as if they were networks you’ve connected to. The way it sounds, whether you’ve connected to them or not in the past, they get treated as if you had.

    Perhaps there aren’t interstitial networks where you were wearing or testing? Or perhaps I’m just misundestanding?

    • fta

      from the article: “Essentially, when your iPhone connects to a Wi-Fi hotspot and enters in the password while you’re also connected to Apple Watch, your iPhone syncs that information over to your Watch. Apple Watch can then access that information and connect to a network — even if you visit that location in the future with only your watch”

      • lkalliance

        I understand that, but aren’t we talking about a bug? That the bug is that it’s treating these networks similarly to how it treats your previously-logged-into networks? And that since they are unsecured, there is nothing to keep the Watch out?

        I don’t know if networks with interstitial logins present themselves differently than regular unsecured hotspots that don’t have interstitials, but perhaps that’s where the bug lies.

  • I have this issue with my iPhone all the time. It’s nothing new.