Nvidia’s Shield game system goes from project to real product

Nvidia has announced plans to begin selling its Shield handheld gaming device in June. The company will accept pre-orders for $349 starting on May 20th.

Unveiled earlier this year as Project Shield, the device is an Android-powered gaming console that also streams games from PCs equipped with specific Nvidia graphics cards. The streaming capability is described as a beta feature; Nvidia is working with Valve software to enable Steam games to work on the system.

The Shield system comprises Nvidia’s own Tegra 4 processor with a console-style game controller, 5-inch 720p multi-touch display and integrated speakers. 16GB memory, microSD storage, Bluetooth and other features extend the Shield’s capabilities.

  • Domicinator


    • Mother Hydra

      Exactly. I would also accept BARF.

  • Mother Hydra

    The Vita hasn’t really caught fire, as a platform, so how well could this really fare? I’ve seen some frankly unrealistic expectations that this will somehow attract developers but the argument rolls along these lines:

    Phase 1: build fugly, semi-portable handheld game console

    Phase 2: ????

    Phase 3: Profitable and tons of developers

    Why does Android automatically mean thrusting some half-finished product into the market to let it die on the vine for lack of interest or timely software updates. I hope I’m wrong here, maybe this and the ouya will do, uh, something.

    • Herding_sheep

      The Vita hasn’t caught fire because it doesn’t have any worthwhile games. While look at the 3DS. It has an incredible lineup of games, and its selling extremely well. It has been the best performing CONSOLE (including home consoles) in Japan for many many months now.

      Nintendo knows how to make great software to sell their hardware. Another thing Nintendo does well, is they make games that are appropriate to their respective platform. Where the Vita and PSP both fail is that they try to recreate console games on a handheld. But all you end up with is crappy ports of console games. Nintendo makes new games that work great on portables, they don’t just try to make big-budget console games for handhelds. They make smaller scale games with focus on gameplay that can be picked up and put down in short bursts of gameplay.

  • They’re asking $349 for a handheld console that plays smartphone games? I would make an N-GAGE joke here but Nvidia is not a cell phone maker.

    • John

      Speaking of the ngage, I have a feeling that Nvidia’s Shield might suffer the same fate. The Ngage ran on Symbian s60, so even though there were many exclusive games for it, those games could be easily modded to run on any other s60 phones. Hence, there was no need to specifically buy an ngage when you can play its games on your other s60 phones. Similarly, the Shield is running on android. Even if Nvidia pays developers to release games exclusively for the Shield, those games can be easily modded to run on non tegra devices. So basically, if you already own an android device, there’s no reason to buy the Shield. Also, Tegra 4 may be the best gpu right now, but it is only marginally better than the powerVr found on the galaxy s4 and the iPad 4.

      Compare this with the psp, psvita and nds. The reason they are more successful is because they use their own special operating systems. That way, games made for these consoles can run on no other devices.

      So, Nvidia should not have used android.

  • It looks a tiny bit like an XBox v1 had a bastard child with an Apple eMate and put it up for adoption.

  • The thing weighs almost twice as much as an iPad, too. WTF?