Another day, more useless bullshit from WSJ

The Wall Street Journal isn’t even hiding its disdain for Apple anymore.

Earlier today the WSJ posted an article called “Another Day, Another Downbeat Note on Apple,” that predictably picks apart Apple based on an analyst’s outlook on the company. Here’s the funny part — the products the analyst talks about don’t actually exist.

He says “supply checks” lead him to believe Apple is having problems and will not launch a new [iPhone I think, he doesn’t say] until September. He then “estimated” the low-cost iPhone “could” cost $350 to $450. The analyst also predicts the iTV launch has been pushed to 2014.

What new iPhone? What low-cost iPhone? What iTV?

Apple hasn’t announced any new products, dates or any other details that I know about.

Noticeably absent from the WSJ in the last week are stories about Android accounting for 79 percent of mobile malware, Another on how Apple is dominating Samsung in smartphone market share1, here’s a dandy on how researchers cracked an Android’s security by freezing the phone, and finally a story that shows that 84 percent of airline passengers use iOS compared to 16 percent for Android.

You can read the WSJ story if you want.

  1. Actually the WSJ did write about this, they just turned it around to make it look better for Android. 

  • What about the iPhone probably wasn’t scheduled to ship until the fall anyway? I love how because the analyst “predicts” a date, it makes it fact.

  • Tvaddic

    I think you may have linked the reference wrong.

  • George

    Check this out: Possibility of a problem on IOS compared to thousands of real ones on Android. Note use of “big malware wave”.

  • Not-a-fanboy

    reads like writen by a pissed child… the autor is probably a typical Fanboy.

    • Herding_sheep

      You mean your comment, right? That’s the only thing that sounded immature in this discussion. Work on your spelling/grammar before attempting to troll.

    • You do understand that in order to write a comment just like you did with the username like that, you have to be a fanboy. Just a fanboy of something else.

  • rattyuk

    Worse still WSJ’s AllThingsD had a an article up headed “This is The Year Android Topples Apple in Tablet Market” Which was then changed to “Will This Be The Year Android Topples Apple in Tablet Market?” You can see the old headline in the slug of the URL of the article. John Paczkowski must be desperate for hits today.

  • Just as with politics, the media also controls Wall Street.

  • How do you think Mossberg feels? Every time WSJ publishes stuff like that he goes, noooooo! He knows he is not getting his hands on the next new Apple product.

  • GTWilson

    That particular agenda is going to be pushed come hell or high water. Gains them traffic and keeps PC Industry advertisers happy.

  • trex67

    The WSJ lost all credibility the second it was bought by News Corp.

  • BC2009

    I’ve never seen such a coordinated smear campaign (not even in politics) than I have seen against Apple in the past six months. How a company can be reporting the third most profitable quarter in history for any company and for everybody to be hanging their heads in depression at Apple’s doomed fate is a complete distortion of reality.

    Apple really needs to just buy back their stock as long as Wall Street keeps this up. If Wall Street undervalues your stock then put yourself in a position where Wall Street does not get to value you at all — make a 5-year plan to take the company private on sheer profit.

  • Is there any wonder considering the paper is owned by News Corp.?

  • Jay Martin

    You know, now that corporations are basically first class citizens now (don’t get me started), Apple should sue all these analysts for slander, particularly the ones that have a track record of being very wrong.

    Show how the company was damaged by their false claims in terms of stock price drop and how public perception has been hurt.

    Given our current SCOTUS, they’d probably win…