Apple dominates Samsung in smartphone market share

A new report released on Wednesday shows that Apple is dominating the smartphone market in the U.S.

According to the report released by comScore, Apple ranked as the top manufacturer with 37.8 percent market share in January, up 3.5 percent from October. Samsung came in a distant second with 21.4 percent share, up 1.9 percent from October.

HTC (9.7%), Motorola (8.6%) and LG (7.0%) round out the top five.

Android ranked as the top platform with 52.3 percent share, which isn’t surprising since most manufacturers use the operating system. Android actually dropped 1.3 percent in the January quarter.

Apple’s iOS was up 3.5 percent with 37.8 percent of the operating system share. BlackBerry (5.9%), Microsoft (3.1%) and Symbian (0.5%) round out the other operating systems.