Eagle snatches a kid


  • Torvos

    How to tell this happened in Canada – the videographer went to check to see if the child was ok

  • Player_16

    Yeah, saw this on the news. With all the people around n such, the eagle went for it. Wonder what was the attraction to cause that?

    • Petro

      It was hungry?

    • Sasparilla2

      And the target looked small enough and is not very mobile (looked like the Eagle could have made it off with the kid you can see he/she was gaining altitude in the slow mow – the baby and his family were very, very lucky).

      Amazing how fast the Eagle came in looked and then went for the grab.

  • Ben

    It’s a fake. As usual.

  • Canucker

    It’s fake. No snow. No ice. No blizzard. It’s supposed to be Montreal! Plus a Canadian bird would have gone for the mother.

  • Lorenzo Orlandi

    OH SHI…

  • That’s not a bird… it’s a space station with wings.

  • itsjared
  • Boo

    it may be fake but Golden Eagle is more than capable of killing a toddler. They’ve been known to take down small deer.

  • Dawes

    For some reason I thought it would be Don Henley.

    • Mick

      What? No Eagles fans???

  • The lifting power of an eagle is a maximum of about 3 pounds. And all that aerodynamic lift stuff is non-linear, so getting a toddler off the ground is out of the question for even a freakishly large and strong eagle.

  • No update noting its fake for the 99% of people that don’t click through to the comments?