Hermit Crab Migration

Steve Simonsen:

This morning I received an urgent telephone call from my good friend Pam Gaffin. She was terribly excited about an event that was happening before her eyes. Pam told me it was a migration of soldier crabs also called hermit crabs and there were millions and millions of them she likened it to the migrations of Serengeti.

At what point do you watch this video and think, “That’s really….CREEPY!!”

  • Jmarks

    No video appears on Safari w/10.8!

    • Weird..I just checked using Chrome and Firefox and I see video but not in Safari. You can watch it on the Vimeo web site.


    • It’s working for me on 10.8.1/Safari. (No Flash installed on my Mac).

      • Ubbrewing

        Works for me 10.8.1 and Safari. No flash.

  • Lobsters and crabs, just really large sea-roaches.

  • Endlesskoke133

    Hermit Crabs can suck a bag of dicks, right?

  • lucascott

    I’m not sure if it’s the background music or the clicking of the claws that makes it creepy.

    Cool, but creepy

  • Canucker

    Even you listen carefully, you can hear the guys at the front saying, “Hurry up, the real iPhone 5 is coming!”

  • Answer 1: This is probably how we’d look to aliens from orbit.

    Answer 2: Not creepy. Tasty.

    Answer 3: Any bets on whether this is one of the species that the Pentagon is studying to model surveillance drones upon?

  • Would prefer this without the ominous music. I like the sound of the little grab legs and the sea better…

  • Deb

    So that’s where all the seashells are! And by the way… where are they migrating TO?