∞ Siri is coming to Canada

After introducing the iPhone 4S on Tuesday, many of Apple’s Web sites around the world updated with information about Siri, Apple’s new voice assistant technology. One that was missing was Canada.

Many have become concerned that Siri will not be available in Canada, but it will. I’ve confirmed with Apple that Canadian users will be able to turn on Siri on their phones.

Siri is localized in US, UK and Australia, French and German. The company didn’t specifically use Canadian in the technology, but it worked just fine for me.

I used Siri on an iPhone 4S for a little while this morning using the US version and it understood all of my commands, so Canadians shouldn’t have a problem when it’s released.

  • Canada salutes the beard. TY

  • Kumaran Vijayan

    Good to hear. I was wondering why the Canadian iPhone site isn’t mentioning anything about Siri.

  • Though I didn’t realize Siri info is not on apple.ca until this post, I’m not sure this clears up the concern, Jim. When you say “is localized in…” you list countries and languages, and when you tested it out in the US, I wouldn’t expect it to have trouble with your accent. It’s not like you have a heavy East Coast or French-Canadian accent. So the question is whether “the company didn’t specifically use Canadian” accents or “didn’t specifically use Canadian” local information. For example, while it may be active on the phone, if I’m in Vancouver BC looking for a movie or a restaurant, will the closest locations it returns be in Blaine, WA?

  • steve81

    Well of course it will come to Canada, the question is when. Did you ask if it will be available at launch?

    • Yes

      • steve81

        Why is it not on the Canadian website then? If it’s because it will lack some features, that doesn’t explain it because the US website does mention features may vary by area.

        • It won’t lack anything. They didn’t localize it with Canadian, so it’s not on the Canadian Web site. 

          That simple.

          • steve81

            Do you mean localize the website, or localize the feature?

          • steve81

            I assume at this point that you mean that Canadians will be able to turn it on in English-US or French-France.

          • Right.

          • Right.

          • Anonymous

            Spoken Canadian English and spoken US English are 100% the same, so Canadians who speak English can use Siri.

          • bullshit

          • Dale

            It has nothing to do with the English part, it is the stupid politics associated with less than 10% of Canadians that speak French. Until SIRI can support french and English, they are not allowed to support location services with restaurants etc. as that may offend the minority french activists in Canada. If the Canadian government had a clue and didn’t have such a stupid hang up on french we would have SIRI. As it stands we may never get SIRI in Canada due to the french issue.

          • steve81

            I assume at this point that you mean that Canadians will be able to turn it on in English-US or French-France.

      • Vamsmack

        Jim did you ask Siri if it was available in Canada?

  • John

    “I used Siri on an iPhone 4S for a little while this morning using the US version and it understood all of my commands.”

    Soooo… the US version works in the US. How does this confirm it’s coming to Canada?

    • I said in the story, they told me it’s coming to Canada. ISn’t that enough of a confirmation?

      • John

        Just skeptical because of the absence of any mention of it on apple.ca. Seems like a lot of work to remove it if it’s coming.

        • The only option is to not believe what Apple said and join the conspiracy theorist. 

          I know it’s coming, I’m happy with that.

          • Anonymous

            you don’t have to be a conspiracy nut to notice that the videos on apple.ca and apple.com are different.  I hope you’re right but it seems odd that the Siri section was edited out of the CDN video

            The Australian video mention Siri.

      • john michael liles

        how can we trust a guy who things french, germany and canadian are places in the world, you can’t be localized in french, germany or canadian you idiot. those are languages… i hope your not a full time writer cause you are a moron… most likely an american moron…go read a map…ps. canadians speak english, not canadian

        • Steven Fisher

          Jim’s Canadian.

      • Steven

        Jim – conspiracy or not – your information is wrong. No matter what Apple says, SIRI says: I cannot locate things in Canada.’ I think that’s what everyone is looking to clarify since you’re saying you were told and have insisted otherwise.

      • Ksully66

        how is that supposed to help. the actual key features the siri is supposed to DO NOT work in canada. why would i want to know how deep the ocean is? i would like directions and what is advertised in the media and on the internet sites. they should not have released something that is not compatible with the country it is in!!!

        • Richeldon

          I totally agree. The fact is that it understands me perfectly but it won’t search in Canada. But that fact was not advertised it was just left out. And I consider that to be dishonest and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

          Germany is very multi cultural but it works there so why can’t it understand French? There is some sort of politics going on here and just because they say it will be here in 2012 doesn’t really mean anything to me.

          Why couldn’t they just be honest in the beginning. That’s what pissis me off the most. Then I wouldn’t have had to find out the hard way today when I was trying to get home from Waterloo today.

          I bought what is supposed to be the best phone on the market and when that woman’s voice said it can’t find directions in Canada or gas stations or restaurants I was pissed!!

  • Anonymous

    I went to apple.ca and watched the promotional video for the 4S and the Siri features have been edited out. That seems like an odd mistake to make.

  • If I read the tea leaves of this post, I guess the tech will be on the Canadian iPhones, but as is usually the case with Apple, we’ll have to be patient and wait for the service to be local.

  • Frank

    If Siri can answer “Where can I get a beaver tail topped with real whipped cream?”, Apple has a definite winner 😀

  • Believe what you want.

  • Believe what you want.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll just wait and see… not a matter of belief.

      • Steve Lockhart

        Dude, he just confirmed that it will work in Canada. You don’t need to wait and see. 

        • Prof. Peabody

          Well, no he didn’t.  No offence to Jim but what he has said, doesn’t actually explain the weirdness on Apple’s Canadian website.  

          So naturally people who have seen that website aren’t going to be pacified by Jim just saying there isn’t a problem.  The fact that it isn’t “localised” in Canada doesn’t explain why they would omit all mention of it and edit the videos. 

          I tend to believe him and tend to think myself that at some point Siri integration will show up on the Canadian site, but for the moment there isn’t really a good explanation as to why it’s been edited out.  

  • I understand now. Its because if they were to localize it for “Canada”. It would have to be in french as well. I think thats why.

    • Anonymous

      Makes sense.  Still…When one watches a video ad, it is odd to see the number one new feature completely omitted.  It would not have been that complicated to included a generic Siri component.  

    • Sam

      No offence, but I’m a French Canadian from Quebec, and our french isn’t so different from the one in France. Apple had never really bother about French Canadians ’cause in the previous versions of iPhone, we had only one French choice for the voice control and interface. I don’t think they really care of doing a different version for us. I hope I’m wrong, ’cause this would mean we still don’t know why they didn’t mention Siri on the Canadian website…

  • Could it possibly have to do with Canadian law saying that both French Canadian and English need to be available. Perhaps they cannot officially say that it is in canada because its not available in french canadian. But you can always still use it in English. I don’t see why not considering all of Google maps, yelps, and weather are all available to our iphones in Canada.

    • Joefunkel

      It’s ROC law that says English and French. Quebec law says French only!! We in the ROC are such a bunch of whimps with no backbone to tell Quebec “what is good enough for the REST OF CANADA is good enough for Quebec”!! Now Apple has to fold and deny Siri to the ROC because of Quebec. Please say this ain’t so.

  • Shea Martin


    What about data sources for restaurants and stuff like that. I assumed that was part of the issue, that Siri would only consider US options? Or is it just using google for it’s database?


  • Steven Fisher

    Thanks Jim.

    Even if none of the location based features work at all (and I’m sure most of them will mostly work), there’s enough in Siri to make it worth using.

  • Anonymous

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    • What is this nonsense doing here? This is a comments area, you are just another spam troll. Bugger off.

  • Inspgadget

    I agree. No mention of it anywhere on the Apple site. Sure it’s coming, but like others have said, when??? And will it give results localized for Canada? I’m going to wait and see how it works before upgrading…

  • Ncolarusso

    What aboot our accent? Eh?

  • It’s probably just delayed for Quebecois localization or licensing with CANCON or something stupid. Apple will make it happen. Im sure it’s in the works, just not ready for launch.

  • Piratesat

    I just got off the phone with apple.ca and she said it is not, apple wouldnt just forget to add it on the Canadian website.

  • Maybe you all could ask Apple.CA why instead of pestering Jim? Or ask Jim nicely to use his clout to ask Apple.CA — because pestering isn’t the usual way to get such a thing.

  • If you advertise a product as being available in Canada it probably has to be bilingual. No ad containing Siri = no such claim. It may work fine – just not yet in Canadian French

  • What does “localized” really mean?  If it is just about the language, then I understand US English and Canadian English are really the same.  But do you mean “localized” also in the sense of Siri only being able to answer questions specific to some regions.  For example, would Siri have trouble finding Greek restaurants in Toronto?

    • Siri will not be able to find anything in Canada, that’s localized. It can seem to do the weather for Canada though.

      • Thanks, Jim.  I can understand why Siri can’t find anything in Canada. Neither can most Canadians, eh.

  • I can understand the UK, France and Germany being more important than Canada as customer bases.  But Australia?  Siri services work in Australia and not Canada?  I wonder if this is because Australia is more Mac and iPhone crazy than Canada? 

  • Andr01d

    So things like “find the closest Chinese restaurant” is not available in Canada? so i’m guessing location-based services aren’t available in Canada as a whole? 

    • Andr01d

      wow internet lagged. Written this out yesterday, and finally posted. Sorry about that. 

      But Jim can you tell us wich features don’t work in Canada? Or is location-based one, the only feature missing? 

  • Anonymous

    As Jim said, the reason it is not being promoted in Canada is that Siri is not yet localized in Canadian English. How is that not hard to understand? Siri is shipping as “beta,” that is very unusual for Apple. But Siri is a huge project. You shouldn’t read too much into missing or unfinished features. As usual, there is just 1 iPhone for the whole world, but Siri is brand new. Newer than new.

    Since spoken Canadian English is 100% the same as spoken US English, Canadians who speak English will have no trouble with Siri.

    Now, Australians … they definitely needed their own localization from day 1. 🙂

  • Blitzgear

    Siri is on Canadian iPhone but certain options are not available like trying to search a location- will not give directions in Canada. Also Reyes searching movie releases and it said” not available in Canada” looks like us Canadians got scrud…

  • Crazychink

    I just got my iphone 4S this morning, and whenever I tried to ask it about anything location based. eg.”where am I?” “where is the closest pizza place?” it responded with “Sorry, I can’t provide maps and directions in Canada” and “Sorry, I can’t look for restaurants in Canada”

    • Right, because it’s not localized for Canada.

      • Hydroman

        The bottom line is it can’t find you fuck all in Canada. If you tell it you need gas it cant find it in canada. If you are looking for a rub n tug, you are also shit out of luck cuz it can’t find anything whatsoever in Canada at this point.

        • But you can still do a lot with Siri on the phone.

          • Hydroman

            No doubt, the voice texting is unreal. The thing is spot on for the most part!

  • Fizz

    i got my new iphone 4S… when i ask siri where the nearest chinese restaurant is… it said “sorry, i cannot search for restaurants in Canada”… the guy at the apple store told me it wouldn’t work either… i dunno why or when it’ll work!

  • RAC

    So Jim, your original assertion multiple times in this thread that this was merely a matter of regional accents and that it “won’t lack anything” in terms of features was wrong.  I’m not trying to be a dick here, but clearly it was far more than a Canadian accent thing despite protestations to the contrary.  I think the article should be titled “Siri is coming to Canada… sort of”.

    I think you owe a number of people a mea culpa for your sometimes terse responses to their musings that a lesser of version of Siri might be Canada bound.

    • Siri is not localized. If you have an iPhone you can turn on Siri and use it just fine.

      • RAC

        When Steve81 asked if “it will lack some features” you replied “it won’t lack anything”.

        I’d say not being able to ask directions or find restaurants or anything else that requires maps/directions/locations is definitely lacking something.  It’s by far the most impressive aspect of Siri.

        I think Apple was intentionally obtuse in its response when questions arose over the exclusion of Siri from the Canadian website.  When they said it wasn’t “localized” for Canada, most, including this article, took that to mean it had something to do with regional accents or French.  Apple would provide no further clarification on exactly what they meant by “not localized for Canada”.  Now we know.  According to many forums, some found out the hard way after dropping a few hundred dollars for a new 4s with only 2/3 the upgrades touted.

        • If you watch Apple’s video on Siri, 99% of that functionality is available in Canada. There isn’t much I can do if you choose to whine about the other 1%.

          There is probably more important things for you to whine about — like government or moose hunting.

          • Just admit you were wrong already and stop being a douche.

          • You don’t know me. Don’t come on to my site and call me names like that.

          • I know you can’t seem to accept that you were wrong, and you clearly seem ok belittling others on your site, douche.

          • LOL. Oh no, you called me a name. 

          • Anonymous

            then you wont be too upset if I also call you a name on your site. Douchebag

          • Yes, that was just terrible. Do you feel better? Does your mother know you are using the computer?

          • Richeldon

            I also don’t understand why you would defend your position. Here it is the end of February and it’s still not working. Apple was dishonest and people are pissed about it. It’s as simple as that.

            If they had have advertised this lack of functionally in the beginning we may not have liked it but at least we wouldn’t have felt betrayed.

          • Anonymous

            that is more than 1% my friend. half of apple’s keynote on Siri was based on the reliance of maps. What I don’t understand is why you’re taking it so personally.

  • Icspots

    Siri works here in Canada for most commands.  It does not work on anything that requires making or gps in Canada.

    • RAC

      Which is a pretty significant shortcoming, don’t you think?

  • Dallashiebert

    Why won’t it look up things in canada This sucks as it won’t route me any where in maps or look up businesses

  • Jake

    You can’t get directions, maps, or look for locations in canada. Any idea when you will be able to do that?

  • Maccodger

    It has nothing to do with language. Siri can accept queries in multiple languages, regardless of where you are in the world. Location based queries to Siri, and Location based reminders don’t work in Canada, likely due to licensing or CRTC regulations that Apple has yet to resolve.

    If you set your city in Settings / Date & Time, Siri will be able to answer a question like: “Do I need an umbrella?” with “Sure looks like it is raining” along with the local weather.

    Besides, if I want to know a good place to eat, I ask a friend.

  • Donmccafferty

    Siri will not reach Canadian locations, will this be resolved?

  • JimBeam

    Location searched don’t work with siri in canada sadly

  • yendri

    I wont come in Canada

  • Avigutman

    This was never about language/accent support – Siri is NOT localized for Canada meaning it doesn’t support Canadian maps, locations, restaurants etc.  Do we know when Siri will be localized for Canada?

  • Dale

    It is very frustrating that location based reminders do not seem to work in Canada. There is no technical reason why a GeoFence can not be supported around a reminder, if the phone supports GPS and can follow a map with no problems.   SIRI can create a location based reminder with no issues if you have the address key words setup, however the location based reminders do not activate when in proximity to the target zone.  There seems to be a problem with location based reminders.  Has anyone in Canada been able to get location based reminders to work, whether they were created using SIRI or manually created?

    The location based reminders were one of the features I was most looking forward to using for practical reasons.  So far the majority of the SIRI features are just fluff that will most likely not be used after the novelty wears off or until they add a bit more useable functionality.

  • Ladycammi

    We got our iphone 4s today and found out only some of the options in Siri are available in Canada for the time being, text, calls etc work but maps, restaurants will not work.

  • Danadahd

    You’re wrong

  • I just bought the Iphone 4s and it took me a while before I realized it cannot search addresses or give you your location in Canada. I will trust Jim when he says it will be available in Canada, hopefully this happens soon as I absolutely love the features it provides. Cheers Apple!!! 🙂

  • Karrie

    It will not find any locations, hotels, restaurants ANYTHING! In Canada!! Very disappointed !!

  • Lrd496

    It doesnt work for me. Is there some setting you changed? It just says unable to locate in canada when I ask a question.

  • Jojo

    Siri cannot look for places in Canada

  • Aaemie ali

    Siri can’t search for canadian locations?

  • Richeldon

    It understands me perfectly but it won’t search in Canada. But that fact was not advertised it was just left out. And I consider that to be dishonest and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Germany is very multi cultural but it works there so why can’t it understand French? There is some sort of politics going on here and just because they say it will be here in 2012 doesn’t really mean anything to me.

    Why couldn’t they just be honest in the beginning. That’s what pissis me off the most. Then I wouldn’t have had to find out the hard way today when I was trying to get home from Waterloo.

    I bought what is supposed to be the best phone on the market and when that woman’s voice said it can’t find directions in Canada or gas stations or restaurants I was pissed!!

    • Vamsmack

      It just dislikes the French. 

  • From what I heard Siri will work in Canada when the iPhone5 comes out

  • Rocdamikeg21

    Will it be available for free to Canadians or will it a an app kinda thing that we are gonna have to purchase?

  • Alissathesquib

    Too bad she can’t look up places in Canada!