∞ Verizon to hold special event January 11 — possibly iPhone

Verizon Wireless on Friday sent an invitation to select press to attend a special event on January 11, 2011.

[ad#Google Adsense 300×250 in story]The Verizon event will be held in New York, according to the invitation received by The Loop. While it doesn’t mention anything about Apple this could be the Verizon iPhone. Typically, Apple’s special events are held on the company’s campus in Cupertino, Calif.

Writing for AllThingsD, John Paczkowski said his sources have confirmed that this is in fact the Verizon-compatible iPhone.

A Verizon-compatible iPhone has been one of the most speculated devices of the last couple of years. I have previously said that I didn’t expect the device until early 2011.

The event will take place at Lincoln Center in New York at 11:00 am.

Update: Added John Paczkowski’s sources saying this was an iPhone announcement. 1/7/11 1:53 pm PT.

  • pixeljockey168

    Any significance to January 11, 2011 at 11:00 [1/11/11 11:00]?

  • Yep, it’s the date hell freezes over and AT&T files bankruptcy…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t count on a big migration of iPhone users from AT&T to Verizon. If anything there will be a lot of new iPhone users.

      • Anonymous

        That’s right……there will be some migrators over time, as contracts expire. But VZ will see just how good their network actually is when they load up with smartphone users that actually USE the phone.

      • Gary Conrad

        Count on AT & T clients leaving them in mass for Verizon. I hope to be the first one in line. For years we have complained about the godawful AT & T service and we have been ignored.

    • ROTFL!!

  • Alexb

    and the android slaughter begins…

  • went2berklee

    You mention that the event is taking place at Lincoln Center, but I wonder if it’s a coincidence or significant to note that there is an Apple store at Lincoln Center?

  • Steven Fisher

    So for bragging rights later, Jim: Aye or nay? 🙂

  • iphoner

    iphone on verizon, whats is google gonna do now ? with just one iphone handset and just on at&t apple managed to have 25% share of the u.s smartphone market share, android has 26%!! lets see how this folds. my bet is on apple

    • Google runs a lot of advertising and services through the iPhone as well, it’s a win-win for them. If other companies start muscling in on their advertising territory, then we’ll see Google start to get mean.

  • Anonymous

    I saw a poll recently that said something like 60% of Android users will drop it for an iPhone when one is available on their network.

  • At this point it better be a Verizon iPhone. If it’s anything but, it doesn’t matter how good a product they actually do announce, as the anticipatory hype’s deflation will be the big story.

    That said, I think it’s true. I suspect if it wasn’t, we’d be hearing from Apple, Verizon, and / or AT&T, strongly debunking the rumors.

    Aside from the fact that Verizon itself is hosting the announcement, everything else looks like it comes straight from the Apple PR playbook. Especially how the invite has been timed to suck the air out of CES.

    • Anonymous

      “Especially how the invite has been timed to suck the air out of CES.”

      Good point!

    • Yep. If we have to wait any longer for Verizon to offer the iPhone, it will turn into the iTunes/Beatles. When it finally happens, nobody will really give a s**t.

      • Anonymous

        I am old enough to remember rumors of The Beatles getting back together, the Verizon-iPhone rumors reminds me of that.

  • Kathy

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!! I have been a Verizon customer for years and an Apple fan. I think maybe my already soaring Apple stock will hit a new high. I’ll be first in line at my Verizon store.

  • Anonymous

    This is (or hopefully will be) big news for both Verizon and Apple. AT&T’s coverage is actually quite good in my area, so I have no need of switching. It’s going to further marginalize Sprint and T-Mobile. Better yet, but not going with Sprint and T-Mobile, Apple should still be able to charge a premium. I’ll be interested in watching the average selling price (per iPhone) in future quarterly results announcements.