∞ Nine out of 10 computers sold over $1,000 in the U.S. are Macs

Apple is increasing its unit share of computers sold in the United States quite dramatically, according to a new report by Betanews’ Joe Wilcox. According to numbers Wilcox got from market research firm NPD, Apple’s unit share grew from 5 percent to 10 percent for computers selling under $1,000. For computers selling for more than $1,000, Apple’s unit share rose from 79 percent to 90 percent.

That means that Apple sells 9 out of every 10 computers over $1,000 in the U.S. year-over-year.

Not only are people seeing the value of Apple’s higher priced “premium” computers, but they are also seeing a bump from the recently refreshed Mac minis too. Of course, the $999 MacBook would fall into this category as well.

Apple’s recent earnings report would seem to support higher Mac sales — Apple reported selling 3.36 million Macs, representing a 33 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter.

  • Daniel Garrison

    What ever happened to that metrosexually named Dell "luxury laptop" the Adamo? Never heard from it again. 😉

  • Daniel Garrison

    The iPhone's (including the iPod Touch) success has cannibalized the iPod sales. Also, it's likely that the MP3 player market is already saturated. In other words…. everyone that would want one, already has one by now.

    • I agree with the first part of your statement, but as soon as Apple releases another cool iPod, people will be all over themselves to get one.

  • Kvanh

    I like the picture is a mac mini. decidely less than $1000.

  • JWSmed

    What are the total sales numbers of sub-$1000 versus $1000+ computers? Could it be that sub-$1000 computers make up over 90% of total sales? Could it be that Apple just dominates a small market?

  • Destroythecultofjobs

    1 out of 10 computers over 1000$ means… one person got ripped off. Seriously… why get excited over 9 out of 10 computers over 1k being macs, knowing full well that what is equivilent to a mac in specs would cost you hundreds less in a PC. Hurray for getting duped into paying for advertisement.