∞ Microsoft matches Snow Leopard's $29 price for students

Microsoft on Thursday promoted a new Web site that allows students to purchase Windows 7 for $29, the same price Apple is selling its new operating system, Snow Leopard. Windows7_v_WebOf course, there are differences. The most important being that Microsoft’s offer is only open to college and university students and you must use a valid school email address.

Of course, Snow Leopard, which went on sale on August 28, is open to all users of its previous operating system, Leopard.

The offer is good for Home Premium and Professional versions of Windows 7 in the U.S., U.K, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Korea and Mexico.

A report released on Thursday by market research firm NPD showed that sales of Snow Leopard have surpassed Leopard and Tiger in the first two weeks it was available.

  • slappy

    It’s not Windows Ultimate either. Just Home Premium Edition “Upgrade”. Snow Leopard you can do a full clean installation.

  • Harvey

    Apple has the big cats, Microsoft has the copy cats 😉

  • Microsoft should have made Windows 7 version 7. not version 6.1 (Vista was 6.0) Even Mac 10.1 was free 😉

  • So it’s just like what Apple did, just not as good.

    Typical Microsoft.

  • charli

    add also if you want a disk you have to pay an extra $13 and you can only have the 32 OR the 64 version. not both.

  • Thanks for the info Charli.

    Why can’t MS just sell one edition of Windows at a consumer friendly price.

    and they could sell special “licenses” to business/enterprise … charm them per bit for all I care …