What you can tweet at the Olympics

Non-media are asked to write in a “diary-type format” and “not in the role of a journalist.” They “must not report on competition or comment on the activities of other participants,” which sounds like a pretty dull diary. Athletes and others who take pictures inside the Olympic Village are supposed to get the subjects’ permission before sharing anything.

Apple and twitter talks are old news

Kara Swisher:

Apple and Twitter did do some courting, but it was a while back, so the Journal was right.Twitter don’t need the dough — it has a big amount of money in its kitty, so the Times was right.

Nothing to see here.

Consumers would have preferred Twitter buy Instagram

59% are concerned that Facebook will destroy the simple and elegant Instagram user experience as Facebook begins to integrate the photo service with its platform. 73% think that Twitter as the new Instagram owner would be taken better care of the Instagram users.

Twitter harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol

The Guardian:

Tweeting or checking emails may be harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol, according to researchers who tried to measure how well people could resist their desires.They even claim that while sleep and sex may be stronger urges, people are more likely to give in to longings or cravings to use social and other media.

Priorities people.

‘Destroy America’ tweet lands traveler in jail

When Van Bryan and Bunting arrived in the US, they were immediately detained by officials at Los Angeles International Airport, held by armed guards and questioned for over five hours before they were “handcuffed, put in a van with illegal immigrants and locked up overnight.”

∞ On journalists retweeting

Melanie Coulson on how journalists should retweet: I too, am going to propose something radical. I propose that we trust journalists to think for themselves. We are professionals, after all. I agree. I’ve always said that if you don’t trust … Continued

∞ Journalists and retweeting

Jeff Sonderman offers a suggestion for journalists using Twitter to retweet thought-provoking comments without appearing biased – the “neutral retweet.”

∞ Follower etiquette

Rob Pegoraro: I first wrote this post on my public Facebook page in May of 2010 as a response to friend requests from readers, publicists and other people whom I hadn’t actually met. Since then, things have changed: Facebook’s privacy … Continued

∞ I follow people, not companies

I was having a beer and talking to someone at WWDC (I can’t remember who — probably the beer’s fault) and he pointed out something that is true for me too. I follow people, not companies. That holds true for … Continued

∞ Dwight Silverman on Twitter for iPhone

Sometimes an app gets updated, and despite the developers best intentions (at least we hope), it goes terribly wrong. That’s what happened with the latest Twitter for iPhone release. With the addition of the QuickBar, Twitter for iPhone lost a … Continued