∞ Get Siri to pronounce your name correctly

Leanna Lofte at TiPb: However, many of us have names that Siri does not how to pronounce correctly. Or perhaps you don’t even want to be called by your real name. Great tip to get Siri to either pronounce your … Continued

∞ Introducing GLaDOSiri

Filmmaker Jeff Heimbuch was inspired to combine Siri, the new assistive voice technology in the iPhone 4S, with GLaDOS, the malevolent AI system featured in Valve Software’s Portal games. He mashed them up in this remix of Apple’s iPhone 4S … Continued

∞ Siri is coming to Canada

After introducing the iPhone 4S on Tuesday, many of Apple’s Web sites around the world updated with information about Siri, Apple’s new voice assistant technology. One that was missing was Canada. Many have become concerned that Siri will not be … Continued