Pro Tools

Transfer files from Pro Tools to Logic Pro and back again

Everyone has their favorite DAW to work in, and most people are very attached to their workstation of choice, but eventually there comes a time when it becomes necessary to transfer the individual elements of a project to a different program.

Transferring projects has always been problematic, but there’s some good tips here.

Pro Tools 11

I’ve been a Pro Tools user for years. It’s a powerful application for recording and editing audio—in fact, there are few, if any, studios you could go to in the world that don’t use Pro Tools. Avid took a bold step with the newest version by changing the plug-in format that third-party developers use for the app. While this caused some initial pain for the users, everything seems to be settling down now.

Pro Tools PC

A PC built with the specific purpose of running Pro Tools. I can’t help thinking the new Mac Pro will eat this thing for lunch.

Pro Tools 11

“Pro Tools 11 represents a quantum leap in creative power,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Services at Avid. “The newly designed architecture turbo-charges production with more plug-in processing, the ability to run more virtual instruments—and a host of new features—letting users create ambitiously, without holding anything back.”

Pro Tools tips book for iPad

Audio engineer Paul DeCarli put together 20 of his favorite tips for Pro Tools and published them in a book for the iPad. I met with Paul at NAMM last week and he did a good job with this book.

Pro Tools and Mountain Lion

Avid have posted a knowledge base article on Pro Tools compatibility with Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion. While the article talks about Gatekeeper, it doesn’t say that Pro Tools will not work with the new operating system.

I’ll be installing Pro Tools on Retina MacBook this weekend to see how it works.

Avid sells its consumer audio and video products

Avid has agreed to sell its consumer audio and video product lines. The company’s consumer audio products are being sold to inMusic, the parent company of Akai Professional, Alesis and Numark, among others.The products involved in this transaction include M-Audio brand keyboards, controllers, interfaces, speakers and digital DJ equipment and other product lines. Avid will continue to develop and sell its industry-leading Pro Tools line of software and hardware, as well as associated I/O devices including Mbox and Fast Track.Separately, the company’s consumer video editing line is being sold to Corel Corporation.

Tough times.

Pro Tools Express free training video

Russ starts at the beginning with opening and saving a session, then goes into using loops, recording and editing audio, using virtual instruments, built-in effects and exporting your masterpiece for CD and the internet.

The 1 hour video is free with registration. I use Groove3 all the time for Pro Tools video training and it’s always high-quality stuff.

Loop recording in Pro Tools 10

Mike Watkinson for MacProVideo:

In this article we shall look more closely at the management of takes you have captured on a single playlist, and also how to manage multiple playlists and use them for editing composite takes.

Loop recording is a powerful tool if you know how to properly manage all of the takes. This article gives you some practical tips.

∞ Pro Tools beats

Russ takes you step by step showing you things like how to make beats using Boom and MIDI, getting your virtual instrument sounds down onto audio tracks, how to use basic effects to transform the stock sounds and extract grooves from one beat and then use them on other beats to lock their grooves together. Russ also shows you how to pitch shift beats, use gates and side chains to create fantastic new electro drum beats, how to destroy beats and mash them up as well as slice beats and rearrange them using Structure

∞ Pro Tools 10 video tutorial

Pro Tools 10 is chock full of new features and functions that will dramatically speed up your workflow and production time. Pro Tools guru Michael Costa takes you step by step through each new feature and function, in-depth, leaving no … Continued

∞ Pro Tools reality distortion field

Air Users Blog: Avid are sticking to their Pro Tools 10 pricing guns (see what I did there?) and I’m told that they are internally patting themselves on the back for such a great product launch. I’m also told that … Continued

∞ Avid cuts jobs

Air Users Blog: So, whilst some users were hoping for a price cut, it is sobering to think that some very good people have lost their job, some of whom are people I know personally. One in particular is a … Continued

∞ SoundCloud integrated into Pro Tools 10

With SoundCloud baked into Pro Tools 10, audio producers from all fields can share their sounds privately with collaborators for feedback or share polished works to the world. Throughout the creative process, Pro Tools and SoundCloud make audio production and promotion easier.

This is a great move for both companies.

∞ Pro Tools 10: Clip-based gain tutorial


The Clip-Based Gain feature in Pro Tools 10 provides a much quicker and visually appealing solution. Using the clip gain line you’re able to adjust the gain for individual clips and match their relative levels. You’ll notice right away how the waveform view updates in real-time to reflect the clip gain changes. Very impressive!

There are some great looking features in Pro Tools 10 — this is just one of them.

∞ Avid releases Pro Tools 10

Avid on Thursday unveiled the next major version of its digital audio workstation, Pro Tools.

The company updated its Web site tonight with all of the information on Pro Tools 10, and there certainly looks like there’s a lot to be excited about.

∞ Review: Avid's Eleven Rack

I can’t wait to get my hands on a guitar product after a company says it’s perfect for live playing, studio tone, and is also an audio interface. No promise like that has ever come true, and it usually only … Continued

∞ Adobe releases Audition CS 5.5 for audio and video pros

As part of its Creative Suite 5.5 announcements today, Adobe released Audition, its professional audio application.

Part of the Production Premium suite, Audition is a native Mac app that allows users to manipulate, mix and restore audio files. Adobe says Audition is a good tool for video editors, audio engineers, and interactive designers.

With a completely rebuilt audio engine, Audition multiple multitrack sessions and single file edits simultaneously. You can even open and import files in the background — even files that need sample rate conversion — while you continue to work on open projects, according to Adobe.

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