Netflix CEO comments lead to civil action by SEC

Netflix Inc said securities regulators plan to take action against the company because of a Facebook post by Chief Executive Reed Hastings that violated public disclosure rules, even as Hastings dismissed the contention in a public letter to shareholders on Thursday.

Stupid of the CEO.

Netflix adds “post-play”

When you finish watching an episode of a TV show, we’ll minimize the credits and tee-up the next episode. If you do nothing, the next episode will start to play in 15 seconds. You can also stop it to get more information or select another episode.

This is awesome.

Netflix boss: ‘We got overconfident’

Julianne Pepitone, for CNNMoney: “We did so many difficult things this year that we got overconfident,” Hastings said. “Our big obsession for the year was streaming, the idea that ‘let’s not die with DVDs.’” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ comments came … Continued

∞ Netflix loses 800,000 subscribers

GigaOM: Netflix’s subscriber attrition in the wake of a price hike and separation of its streaming and DVD businesses is even greater than first thought. The company ended the quarter with 23.8 million subscribers in the third quarter, which is … Continued

∞ Netflix punts on Qwikster service

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings indicates the company will not be launching a new Qwikster DVD distribution service after all. He explains the decision in a new blog post at Hastings raised the ire of customers and investors alike several … Continued

∞ Where Netflix screwed up

Dan Frommer: It communicated change poorly, again. It made customers feel like they weren’t Netflix’s priority, which is unusual for Netflix. Okay, so Netflix may not communicate well, but I have no problem with what they did.

∞ Netflix rebrands DVD service Qwikster

Netflix will soon call its DVD mailing service Qwikster and will branch out to video game rentals. The revelation comes from Reed Hastings, the service’s decidedly more contrite co-founder and CEO, who sent out an e-mail to subscribers entitled “An Explanation … Continued

∞ Netflix cuts subscriber guidance by 1 million

Peter Kafka: Netflix, which instituted a price hike earlier this fall, says the higher costs are turning off more customers than it expected. The video rental company has cut its third quarter U.S. subscriber projections from 25 million subscribers to … Continued

∞ Netflix CEO on Starz departure

BusinessInsider: Because we’ve licensed so much other great content, Starz content is now down to about 8% of domestic Netflix subscribers’ viewing. As we add a huge more content in Q4, we expect Starz content to naturally drift down to … Continued

∞ Netflix loses Starz streaming

Bloomberg: Starz LLC, the premium cable channel controlled by billionaire John Malone’s Liberty Media Corp., said it ended contract renewal talks with Netflix Inc. (NFLX) after failing to come to terms. Netflix shares fell. Terrible news. I watched a lot … Continued

∞ Netflix vs. Hulu: Survey says

Macworld: Nearly nine of 10 Hulu subscribers watch streaming TV shows and movies on a computer, but only 42 percent of Netflix users do, according to a recent Nielsen survey. And while nearly three-fourths of Hulu subscribers watch mostly TV … Continued

∞ New pricing plans for Netflix

Last November when we launched our $7.99 unlimited streaming plan, DVDs by mail was treated as a $2 add on to our unlimited streaming plan. At the time, we didn’t anticipate offering DVD only plans. Since then we have realized … Continued