∞ Microsoft exec calls iPhone 4 Apple's Vista

Now even Microsoft is poking Apple with sticks over its botched management of reception issues that plague the iPhone 4 almost three weeks after its launch. Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, compared the iPhone 4 to Microsoft’s failed Vista … Continued

∞ Microsoft unveils the Kin phone

In its effort to compete with Apple and Google in the lucrative smartphone market, Microsoft on Monday unveiled the Kin One and the Kin Two. The phones are targeted to young people on the low-end of the market. The phones … Continued

∞ Microsoft employees love the iPhone

Really, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Microsoft employees love the iPhone, right? Everyone seems to appreciate the design and functionality of Apple’s iPhone. What may be surprising is that 10 percent of Microsoft’s worldwide workforce accessed their email … Continued

∞ 13 alternatives to a Microsoft Guru

Microsoft, I feel bad. Honestly, I do. First you copy everything that Apple does and you fail miserably (don’t even ask me or I’ll bring up the Zune) and now you want to copy Apple’s retail strategy. I took you … Continued