∞ RIM and Microsoft sitting in a tree…

I imagine as the world changed millions of years ago, Dinosaurs gathered together for comfort — yesterday proved the tech industry isn’t much different.

Not knowing how to deal with their changing world, two tech dinosaurs — Microsoft and RIM — joined forces on Tuesday to fight for their survival. So what is it these two monoliths came up with to fight off Apple and Google?

From the Bing blog:

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∞ Microsoft's Datacenter GM goes to Apple

Any doubts that Apple is getting serious about its datacenters can be put to rest. The company has apparently lured Microsoft’s General Manager of Datacenter Services away from his job in Redmond. His position at Apple hasn’t been announced, but AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski has it on good authority that it’s a done deal.

Timmons left Microsoft this week and the company has confirmed his departure, though it declined to say why he left or where he was headed. But sources in position to know confirm he’s hired on with Apple.

Apple Poaches Microsoft’s Datacenter GM [AllThingsD]

∞ Microsoft claims credit for disabling huge spam network

Microsoft claims it has helped disable a “botnet” network purportedly responsible for sending billions of spam e-mails daily – at its peak, nearly half the spam afflicting computers worldwide. Microsoft worked with law enforcement officials to disable the computers responsible … Continued

∞ Microsoft Kinect technology once offered to Apple

The technology that powers Microsoft’s Kinect accessory for the Xbox 360 was first offered to Apple, according to the executive of the company that makes it. Leander Kahney recounts a conversation with Inon Beracha, CEO of PrimeSense. PrimeSense’s “3D machine … Continued