Mac OS X

∞ Apple asks court to proceed with Psystar trial

Apple is asking the court to remove an automatic stay imposed by a bankruptcy filing and let the case against Mac clone-maker Psystar continue to trial. Psystar filed in bankruptcy protect in May, which invoked an automatic stay of proceedings in Apple’s case against the company for copyright infringement.

∞ Developers thrilled with Apple's progress

I have never seen a happier group of developers. Over 5,000 of them gathered in San Francisco this week for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to work with Apple engineers and see what the company will offer in the next iPhone and Mac OS X releases.

∞ Apple Design Award winners announced

One of the highlights of every Worldwide Developers Conference is the Apple Design Awards. This is a ceremony where Apple gives awards to developers that best use the interface and technologies the company provides to build applications.