Mac App Store

Using Mac App Store in other parts of the world

Karan Varindani:

At least in this part of the world, buying from the Mac App Store isn’t a preference. It’s the only way. There are very few apps on my Mac that haven’t been bought from the App Store, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

I never really considered this before. Without credit cards, it’s not really possible to purchase apps from the developer, so people use Gift Cards to stock up their iTunes account.

Mac App Store relevance

Marco Arment:

But now, I’ve lost all confidence that the apps I buy in the App Store today will still be there next month or next year. The advantages of buying from the App Store are mostly gone now. My confidence in the App Store, as a customer, has evaporated.

Marco brings up many good points in his article. I’ll admit, I’m not at the same point of frustration that he is, but I can see where he’s going with the argument. I’ve talk to a number of developers that removed their apps from the Mac App Store and none of them wanted to do it, but they felt it was their only choice.

The vast majority of people will go where the apps are and where it’s most convenient for them. Currently, that’s the Mac App Store. However, if Apple forces developers to leave that could change quickly.

App Store reviews

Matthew Panzarino:

By a huge margin, the number one request by these developers was for Apple to allow them to respond directly to reviews on the App Store.

I agree.

Apple’s Mac App Store tops 100 million downloads

Apple today announced that over 100 million apps have been downloaded from the Mac App Store in less than one year. With thousands of free and paid apps, the Mac App Store brings the App Store experience to the Mac so you can find great new apps, buy them using your iTunes account, and download and install them in just one step. Apple revolutionized the app industry with the App Store, which now has more than 500,000 apps and where customers have downloaded more than 18 billion apps and continue to download more than 1 billion apps per month.


∞ Sandboxing Mac apps

Arnold Kim at Mac Rumors:

Developers of these sandboxed applications must take special measures to break up their application into individual processes that only are able to do exactly what they need. Apple still allows user initiated actions to perform as expected and override the sandbox, but app-initiated actions in sandboxed applications will be restricted. This means that system wide file access and inter-app scripting and interactions will not be allowed.

Arnold has a great piece about Apple’s plans to sandbox apps. While it was supposed to happen this month, Apple put it off until 2012. It’s definitely worth a read.

∞ Windows App Store screenshots leaked

It’s hard to keep secrets these days. The design of Microsoft’s new Windows App Store is the latest project to be leaked on the Web.

TechCrunch posted supposed screenshots of the company’s Windows App Store that leaked onto the Web. The screenshots are not verified, but if they are real, it certainly shows some more copying of Apple.

It may also explain why Microsoft is fighting Apple so hard to make sure the term “App Store” remains generic.

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The Consumer Electronics Show doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, but there’s been a slew of announcements from the show already. Could it be that many vendors at CES are afraid Apple will steal all of the press tomorrow when it … Continued