Logic Pro

Transfer files from Pro Tools to Logic Pro and back again

Everyone has their favorite DAW to work in, and most people are very attached to their workstation of choice, but eventually there comes a time when it becomes necessary to transfer the individual elements of a project to a different program.

Transferring projects has always been problematic, but there’s some good tips here.

Logic Pro X Skins

I kind of like the default look of Logic Pro Pro X, but if you want a different look, the modding community has been hard at work.

Review: Logic Pro X

The day many professional audio engineers, musicians and music-making fans have been waiting for is here—Apple released Logic Pro X. I spent some time with the Logic Pro X team and have been using the software myself in my studio, so I’d like to give you a rundown of the important changes.

∞ Multitrack bounces with EZDrummer and Logic Pro

If you have EZDrummer then you’ll know there is no way to do this natively inside the plugin. There are however workarounds to this and I’m going to show you how to do this in Logic Pro. Although I’m in Logic this concept will work in any DAW that can feed a record input from an internal source.

Step-by-step instructions from MacProVideo.com.

∞ Adobe releases Audition CS 5.5 for audio and video pros

As part of its Creative Suite 5.5 announcements today, Adobe released Audition, its professional audio application.

Part of the Production Premium suite, Audition is a native Mac app that allows users to manipulate, mix and restore audio files. Adobe says Audition is a good tool for video editors, audio engineers, and interactive designers.

With a completely rebuilt audio engine, Audition multiple multitrack sessions and single file edits simultaneously. You can even open and import files in the background — even files that need sample rate conversion — while you continue to work on open projects, according to Adobe.

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