Apple updates iWork for iCloud beta

In addition to releasing a new version of iOS 7 on Thursday, Apple updated iWork for iCloud beta, adding a number of new capabilities and features, including:

Apple details upcoming features of iWork

Many people have been concerned about the features removed from the latest version of iWork. Apple posted a support note detailing the features that will return in the next six months.

iWork’s missing features

There has certainly been a lot of talk about features being removed from the latest (free) versions of iWork. It certainly did hurt the power users, but I think Apple was looking for a consistent user experience across devices. It will be interesting to see how many of these features return in future updates.

Apple updates iWork for iOS and Mac

Apple on Tuesday released iWork updates for both its iOS and Mac versions of the software. The iOS versions are now listed as 1.7 and iWork 9.3 is available for the Mac. You can check software update on the App Store in iTunes and the Mac App Store to download them.

More information on the Mac update is available on Apple’s Support Web site.

Office 2013 is sad on touch devices

These are not touch applications, and you will not want to use them on touch systems. They’re designed for mice and they’re designed for keyboards, and making the buttons on the ribbon larger does nothing to change that fundamental fact.

This is exactly what I’ve said all along. Desktop apps do not transition to a touch-enabled environment very well at all. No matter how much Microsoft wants it to work, it’s not going to happen. This is why Apple developed touch-enabled versions of Keynote, Numbers and Pages.

∞ iTunes, iWork updated for Lion

Apple has released updates to its iTunes and iWork software to make them compatible with Wednesday’s release of OS X Lion. The updates are available through the Software Update system preference.

∞ Apple releases iWork for iPhone and iPod touch

Apple on Tuesday announced the release of iWork for the iPhone and iPod touch. A free update for iWork for iPad customers, the redesigned Keynote, Pages and Numbers apps are priced at $9.99 each from the App Store.

∞ Inside Apple's iWork.com update

If you have iWork ’09 and you have any need to collaborate with people, you should be using iWork.com. Apple’s recently sweetened the pot with some enhancements that make it safer and easier to use than ever.