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Calling out Garth Brooks

What do AC/DC, The Beatles, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Garth Brooks and The Rolling Stones have in common? Everyone, except Garth Brooks, are world class bands that have their music available for sale on iTunes. […]

Apple celebrates “A Decade of iTunes”

Apple on Wednesday posted “A Decade of iTunes” celebrating the 10th anniversary of iTunes and the achievements of the music and videos that came to the store. I must say, the timeline format that Apple chose for this feature is really great. It’s like a walk through memory lane for me.

iTunes dominates digital music and video downloads

Apple dominates the home digital-video sector, in much the same way it dominates digital music. iTunes’ share of electronic sell-through (EST) for television shows reached 67 percent in 2012. EST television sales from Xbox Video, Apple’s nearest competitor, comprised 14 percent of the market. When it comes to feature-length movies, iTunes boasted a 65 percent share of EST, with Amazon and Xbox Video far behind at 10 percent each.

It’s not even close.

iTunes Business Review

Horace Dediu is getting set to publish a report on iTunes and how the business is doing. He put together an excerpt on his site.

Apple’s Ping

Adam Haworth:

We all know Ping is kind of shit. Well, not kind of. It is shit. But I’ve been thinking recently (dangerous, I know) and I reckon there are a few ways that it can be rescued. Apple’s failed attempt at “social” is not dead yet.

I don’t think Apple knows what to do with Ping. That seems clear because users don’t know what to do with it either. I don’t know that a separate app is the way to go because social networking and sharing is such an impulsive decision — it almost has to be done on the spot.

Mastered for iTunes: It’s about quality music for the customer

I’ve been listening to quite a few new tracks from iTunes under Apple’s new “Mastered for iTunes” program. This is something Apple voluntarily started to help improve the audio quality of the music we download from iTunes. From my perspective, it’s great, but Apple has received some self-indulgent criticism in some circles. […]

Apple removes 180-day deadline for Complete my Album

Mac Rumors:

Until now, users have generally had a window of 180 days from the date of their first individual track purchase from a given album within which they could upgrade at the discounted rate using the Complete My Album program… But the updated support document posted by Apple today reveals a different answer, and it now appears that the 180-day deadline has been removed entirely.

More great iTunes news today.

Complete My Season Pass

Eric Slivka for Mac Rumors:

That appears to have changed this week with the addition of a “Complete My Season Pass” feature now available in the iTunes Store. When logged in and viewing an iTunes Store page listing for a single season of a TV show, the Season Pass purchase price will be reduced by the amount of previous single-episode purchases…

Great new feature.

∞ Pete Townshend calls iTunes a 'digital vampire'

AP: The Who’s Pete Townshend on Monday branded Apple Inc.’s iTunes a “digital vampire” that profits from music without supporting the artists who create it. Townshend said that faced with the Internet’s demolition of established copyright protections, iTunes should offer … Continued

∞ Trick or Treat at the iTunes store

It’s Halloween weekend and the fun is about to begin. You don’t need to go out to enjoy yourself, you can visit Apple’s iTunes store and pick up movies, apps, music and other media to help you celebrate. 99 cent … Continued

∞ Beatles Anthology collections to debut exclusively on iTunes June 14

We sure have come a long way in a short period of time. iTunes went from not having any of The Beatles to having music released exclusively on the music service.

EMI on Tuesday said the The Beatles’ three remastered Anthology music collections will debut on June 14. Anthology, Vols. 1-3 are available for preorder on iTunes starting today.

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∞ Report: Apple will beat Google to cloud music

Apple has reportedly finished work on its iTunes cloud music service and will launch it ahead of Google, it’s main competition in this market.

According to a report on Reuters, Apple’s service will allow users to store music on remote servers and access music via the Internet. Reuters says it has multiple sources that did not want to be named.

Google, who is also working on a cloud music service is running into some problems, according to the report.

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