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Review: iPod nano and iPod touch

I’ve been using an iPod since October 2001 when Apple first introduced the product that “puts 1,000 songs in your pocket.” We’ve come a long way since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for the iPod.

Apple’s iOS vs. all Android phones this quarter

Matt Richman:

Using those numbers, Apple will sell 59.38 million iOS devices, slightly less than devices running Android. But, if Apple does report “the largest blowout in company history”, then Apple will outsell every Android vendor combined.

Well that settles it, Android is winning.

∞ Report: 500,000 apps approved on Apple's App Store

It wasn’t that long ago that Apple first opened the doors to the App Store and now the company has reportedly surpassed 500,000 approved apps.

That figure comes from a group of companies that have been involved in the app business since it launched: 148Apps, a mobile app blog; Chomp, an app search engine; and Chillingo, a game developer.

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∞ Apple launches its 100th iAd campaign

Apple on Wednesday said it had launched the 100th iAd campaign with real estate company Coldwell Banker.

The iAd allows iPhone and iPod touch users to search for their dream home, scrolling through visually driven search features to find specific homes matching their criteria. You can search by price, zip code, and include images of the homes.

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∞ The truth about Android vs. iPhone market share

There is an endless stream of reports coming out these days about how Android stacks up against the iPhone. The problem is, most of them are flawed.

Here is the first giant flaw — you may have noticed in the headline of this story. You cannot compare Android to an iPhone. That’s comparing an operating system to a hardware device.

There is no compelling argument that anyone can give that says that comparing an operating system to a hardware device makes sense. None.

We don’t see reports of Windows 7 being compared to a Dell computer and then making assumptions about market share based on their sales. Why? Because, that would be stupid.

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∞ Apple's iOS outdoes Android by 116% in Europe

According to a new study by market research firm comScore on Thursday, Apple’s iOS is far outreaching that of Google’s Android.

The results of the study show that iOS on Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPads has a combined installed base of 28.9 million users. Android’s user base is at 13.4 million users. That number includes phones and connected media devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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∞ Apple's iOS clobbering Android

We often here about how Google’s Android operating system is outperforming Apple’s iOS, but a new report on Tuesday sheds new light on all those numbers.

According to research from comScore, if you factor in all of the devices that use iOS including iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, Apple reached 37.9 million people. Android, according to the data reached 23.8 million on phones and tablets, according to WSJ.com.

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