iPod nano

Review: iPod nano and iPod touch

I’ve been using an iPod since October 2001 when Apple first introduced the product that “puts 1,000 songs in your pocket.” We’ve come a long way since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for the iPod.


The iPW (iPocketWatch) lets you wear your iPod Nano the old school way, on a chain, in the pocket.


∞ iWatch has Bluetooth

Joshua Schnell:

For instance, the iPod nano doesn’t have built in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so wirelessly connecting it to your audio systems is out of the question.Well, at least, that was a problem. A new Kickstarter project, named The Proof, has the lofty goal of changing all of that by including not only Bluetooth into their iWatch case design, but also waterproofing.

Lots of cool Kickstarter projects around. Good find by Schnell.

∞ Motorola copies the iPod nano

Dana Wollman comparing the Motoactv to the iPod nano at Engadget: With its square shape, 1.6-inch touchscreen and raft of fitness features, it’s impossible not to draw that parallel as soon as you even read about the thing. Without the … Continued