Photo Stream and your photos in iCloud

I’ve seen some confusion over iCloud’s Photo Stream feature and whether it allows your photos to perpetually remain in the cloud. Apple could do a little more to help clear this up, but until then: Photo Stream and Shared Photo Streams are two related features that have different rules, and yes, there is a simple, official way to permanently store and share your photos with iCloud.

Nice article from David Chartier.

Create a greeting card with iPhoto

Dave Caolo takes you through the process of creating a holiday greeting card using one of your own photos. It’s a great tutorial, especially with the holidays being right around the corner.

Hello iPhoto for iPad and iPhone on iBookstore

Hello iPhoto for iPad & iPhone interactively guides you through all the features of iPhoto. With over 200 screenshots, you’re going to get an in-depth look at iPhoto and so many cool and hidden features.

This is what I love about iBooks Author — interactivity and well designed books.

iPhoto for iPad, iPhone hits 1 million users in less than 10 days

Apple told me today that its newest iOS app, iPhoto, hit 1 million users in less than 10 days after its release. It’s important to note that figure is users, not downloads. It quite possible that one user downloaded the app multiple times, but Apple isn’t counting that, only the unique users. […]

∞ Trading in iCloud photo stream

Dave Caolo:

iCloud’s Photo Stream feature is handy, in that it pushes photos shot with a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to Apple’s servers and then back to other authorized devices. It’s a hindrance for the same reason, in that my iPhone, iPad and Mac are now cluttered with space-hogging one-offs I shot for the sake of a tweet or a Facebook update.

I haven’t noticed this myself, but perhaps I just don’t take enough pictures for it to be a problem.

∞ Apple updates iLife '11 apps

Apple has updated three of the applications it includes in its iLife ’11 suite of applications – iMovie, Garageband, and iPhoto. The new versions, 9.0.4, 6.0.4 and 9.1.5 respectively, are available for download through the Software Update system preference.

∞ iPhoto '11: The best on the Mac

Of the three apps that got significant overhauls in iLife ’11, none is more widely used than iPhoto, Apple’s application for managing and editing digital photos. The newest iteration of iPhoto builds on what’s familiar and presents the most refined, … Continued