iPhone 4

∞ RIM CEO fires back at Steve Jobs comments

During its fourth quarter conference call on Monday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs made some comments about RIM and its plans for a 7-inch tablet computer. RIM took exception to the comments and fired back at Steve.

∞ Review: iPhone 4

I could just say that the iPhone 4 is gorgeous, packed with features, it works great and end the review right there. While that’s all true, I do have a few things to say. So, here is the long version … Continued

∞ Hands on with the iPhone 4

Like so many other iPhone users, my day began today by standing in line at an Apple Store. Ultimately my patience was rewarded with a shiny new 32GB iPhone 4. Of course, I opted for a black one, as that’s … Continued

∞ Hands On: iPhone 4

I got some hands on time with the iPhone 4 right after Steve Jobs introduced the device at his WWDC keynote on Monday. Obviously, there wasn’t a lot of time to test everything out, but here are a few quick … Continued