iPhone 4

Pre-paid iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 coming June 22

“Our customers want the best products available and we are excited to bring iPhone to our pre-paid consumers with an industry leading $55 per-month service plan,” said Doug Hutcheson, president and chief executive officer, Leap Wireless International, Inc. “Launching iPhone is a major milestone for us and we are proud to offer iPhone customers attractive nationwide coverage, a robust 3G data network and a value-packed, no-contract plan.”

∞ Annie Liebovitz recommends iPhone camera

Daniel Eran Dilger: “I’m still learning how to use mine,” Liebovitz said, pulling her iPhone 4 out to take a picture of her host. “It’s great. It’s a pencil, it’s a pen, it’s a notebook. I can’t tell you how … Continued

∞ Sprint prepares for iPhone 4

Erica Sadun for TUAW.com The briefing reportedly told the sales team that Sprint will begin offering the iPhone 4 in October 2011 (next month) with standard Sprint data plans; they will include a $10 data smartphone premium that is not … Continued

∞ The future of the PC industry

Ben Bajarin: I believe that this inflection point can be described as going from personal computing to personalized computing and will be defined by tablets and smartphones that take all types of shapes, form factors and designs that make the … Continued