iPhone 3GS

∞ Even iPhone 3GS often outsells new Android devices

Apple’s iPhone 4 is selling very well, but a new report suggests that even its older iPhone 3GS and first generation iPad often outsells newer devices running Android.

Canaccord Genuity technology analyst Michael Walkley said the iPhone 4 is by far the top selling device at AT&T and Verizon, according to a report on AppleInsider. For instance, checks at AT&T retail locations found that the $49 iPhone 3GS outsold the newer HTC Inspire and Motorola Atrix.

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∞ Apple vs. RIM: Who sells more smartphones?

Apple has clearly been upping its game when it comes to making the iPhone the most popular device on the market, but RIM is still making noise saying how good it is. I decided find out who was selling the most smartphones.

I looked at the last four fiscal quarters for Apple and RIM and get a feeling for which company was on the way up, or down, and who really did have the bragging rights.

Of course, fiscal quarters do not run like calendar quarters, so they are a bit off based on dates, but they are still pretty close. This isn’t meant to be scientific, but rather a look at four quarters to see how smartphone sales are trending.

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