Breaking Bad book available exclusively on iBookstore

The end of Breaking Bad is coming in just under a month, with the final episode airing this season. To help fans celebrate the series, Sony has released what it calls “the ultimate interactive fan experience,” with a new digital book available exclusively on the iBookstore.

Support options for iBookstore publishers

In very welcome news to iBookstore publishers, Apple has recently added some support options to make it easier to get answers about pesky issues that might be delaying the sale of the next Great American Novel.

iBookstore is a game changer for textbooks

After writing about how iPads and YourTeacher helped raise math scores by 49%, I decided to speak with YourTeacher CEO Charlie Hermes to find out more about his company, and what it’s like to publish textbooks on the iBookstore. […]

DOJ sues Apple, publishers over eBook pricing


The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan federal court by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division, alleges Apple and the publishers reached an agreement where retail price competition would cease, retail e-books prices would increase significantly and Apple would be guarantee a 30% “commission” on each e-book sold.

To use iBooks Author or not

Brett Kelly:

Let me restate that I’m not just generally crapping on iBooks, the iBooks Author application or anything else. I’m an eBook author that’s sold a few copies and is pretty happy with how things have gone. If Apple’s wares seem like just the thing for your next eBook project, then I’d suggest you seriously consider employing them.Just make sure you think through all of the possible ramifications of such a decision. That’s all I’m saying.

Brett certainly has some good points. While I’ve been asked many times to write a book, I never have, so I’m not an eBook author. For me, the interactivity that iBooks Author offers would be enough to use it and sell my books through the iBookstore. As Brett said, it’s important to know everything before you jump in.

iBooks 2 and home schooling

The Mac Observer:

By comparison, you’d spend around $800 for an iPad 2 and a new textbook each year for those four basic courses. You’d get more up-to-date materials, interactive learning, and a smaller footprint in your luggage for those long-distance field trips. And, you’d spend half as much for that learning experience as you would using traditional books.

Interesting, I hadn’t considered the impact on home schooling.

About Apple’s iBooks Author EULA

It seems that some people in the media went absolutely crazy over Apple’s iBooks Author EULA (End User License Agreement) while I was away last week, and I just can’t figure out why. […]

∞ No promo codes for iBookstore

Steven Sande for TUAW: iBooks publishers looking to send ebooks to reviewers, or who want to stir up interest in a new title through a giveaway contest, are out of luck. Unlike the App Store, publishers cannot create promo codes … Continued

∞ An informal e-book study

Marco Arment:

In the past, I’ve always recommended the Kindle over other e-ink readers, and buying Kindle books instead of iBooks on iOS, because Amazon had the biggest library of relevant titles and strongest content ecosystem.But Amazon’s advantage is no longer as clear in my casual searching.

I just buy from iTunes. Apps, music, books, movies, videos, TV shows. Everything. Convenience rules.

∞ iBooks update improves PDF performance

Apple has updated iBooks, the iOS software that lets you read e-books purchased through the iTunes Store on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The new 1.1.1 release is available for download.

∞ iPad book promo list leaked

One of the great new features of the iPad is iBooks, Apple’s online book store that is expected to launch in iTunes when the device is released.