Three HP board members quit

Hewlett Packard Co-chairman Ray Lane has stepped down from his position at the company, and is taking two other board members with him. Lane is leaving following a narrow re-election, and G. Kennedy Thompson and John Hammergren, also both elected by a close margin are departing as well. All three are departing in part due to their roles in the Autonomy acquisition scandal that rocked the company in 2012.

I would say the walls are starting to crumble, but I think that started years ago.

HP picks at Dell’s bones

“Dell has a very tough road ahead. The company faces an extended period of uncertainty and transition that will not be good for its customers. And with a significant debt load, Dell’s ability to invest in new products and services will be extremely limited. Leveraged buyouts tend to leave existing customers and innovation at the curb. We believe Dell’s customers will now be eager to explore alternatives, and HP plans to take full advantage of that opportunity.”

That’s cold.

HP: Surface is ‘slow’ and ‘kludgey’

Todd Bradley, the head of HP’s PC business:

“I’d hardly call Surface competition,” Bradley said in an interview with IDG Enterprise. He listed several reasons, “One, very limited distribution. It tends to be slow and a little kludgey as you use it …. It’s expensive. Holistically, the press has made a bigger deal out of Surface than what the world has chosen to believe.”

This coming from one of Microsoft’s partners.

HP expects almost $9 billion Q3 loss

The company will take an $8 billion charge in the third quarter related to that $14 billion merger, and including the massive writeoff, HP expects to report a loss of as much as $4.49 per share, or approximately $8.85 billion.

HP earnings fall 44 percent

Reuters: The storied Silicon Valley company, which has been trying to move past the internal upheaval that marked 2011, posted quarterly sales declines in three of its key units: personal computers, printers and enterprise equipment. The PC market sucks for … Continued

Rubinstein leaves HP

Arik Hesseldahl:

Jon Rubinstein, the former Apple executive who took over handheld maker Palm and moved with it to Hewlett-Packard in a 2010 acquisition, has left HP effective today, AllThingsD has learned.Rubinstein is said to have no immediate plans, and had completed a 12-24 month commitment to stay with HP after the acquisition. “Jon has fulfilled his commitment and we wish him well,” HP spokeswoman Mylene Mangalindan said.

Unfortunate, but unexpected considering what’s happened with Palm and webOS.

More details about open webOS emerge

Chris Ziegler for The Verge: Following up on its December announcement that it would open source the platform — a last-ditch effort to make it viable — HP has gone into detail today on exactly when and how developers will … Continued

Redesigning HPs brand and identity

Moving Brands partnered with HP as their lead agency to set a creative vision for the HP brand. The vision was to transform the world’s biggest technology company into the world’s most powerful brand. HP would become the blueprint of a moving brand, built for a moving world.

∞ Is Meg Whitman the right choice for HP?

Tim Bajarin for Techpinions: Only time will tell if she was the right one to take over at this time in HP’s history but she has the leadership and communication skills HP needs now to keep it from sinking any … Continued

∞ HP names Meg Whitman President and CEO

HP today announced that its board of directors has appointed Meg Whitman as president and chief executive officer. “We are fortunate to have someone of Meg Whitman’s caliber and experience step up to lead HP,” said Lane. “We are at … Continued

∞ Meg Whitman being considered for CEO of HP

Kara Swisher: Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is being considered by Hewlett-Packard directors as a possible candidate for CEO, in a move that would replace its current leader Léo Apotheker, according to several sources close to the situation. I wonder … Continued

∞ HP lays off 525 webOS employees

John Paczkowski: The company, which announced plans to shutter its webOS hardware business back in August, is sacking hundreds of employees as a result. Sources close to HP say the company plans to lay off as many as 525 employees, … Continued

∞ HP, the new RIM

Wall Street Journal: Boast that you’re going to attack Apple’s iPad with your $499 TouchPad. Then dump your TouchPad in a $99 fire sale and announce you’re just not going to offer it anymore. Telegraph to the world that you … Continued

∞ Best Buy only sells 25,000 HP TouchPads

Arik Hesseldahl: According to one source who’s seen internal HP reports, Best Buy has taken delivery of 270,000 TouchPads and has so far managed to sell only 25,000, or less than 10 percent of the units in its inventory. A … Continued

∞ Jason Snell's review of the HP TouchPad

I have to admit, I’m kind of rooting for HP, the TouchPad, and the webOS. Apple needs strong competitors in the tablet market to help push things forward, and I think companies with control of both hardware and software are … Continued

∞ Can webOS succeed where RIM failed?

RIM had a chance to take back the market, but it appears the company will not be successful. Now we look to other competitors to take up the battle against Apple.

The most likely candidate now is webOS. Originally developed by Palm, under the leadership of ex-Apple executive Jon Jon Rubinstein, webOS features a very user-friendly graphical user interface. In a lot of ways, the operating system is the most Apple-like on the market.

webOS is also complimented on its multitasking capabilities, so there is more to it than just a pretty face.

The strength of webOS was one of the leading factors in HP purchasing Palm in April 2010.

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