RiffRumble Metal song contest

Sonoma Wire Works is holding its annual RiffRumble competition and are giving away thousands of dollars in prizes. This time the RiffRumble theme is Metal and I will be judging the top five songs, after public voting has been completed.

Review: iRig Pro

For the last week or so I’ve been testing out IK Multimedia’s new iRig Pro, the company’s audio interface that connects to iPhone, iPad and your Mac. That means that one interface can serve multiple purposes for you.[…]

iRig Pro

More iOS music goodness from IK Multimedia.

Amazing guitar

He plays The Police, Slayer, Pantera and a little bit of everything else. Very impressive acoustic playing.

Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love” Isolated Guitar Track

For all of you guitar fans who love history, here’s a look at Jimmy Page’s rhythm guitar parts from Led Zeppelin’s classic hit “Whole Lotta Love.” The song might’ve ripped off Willie Dixon, but it exposed millions of kids to maybe the world’s most basic blues riff.

Jimmy Page is one of my favorite guitar players.

Review: Universal Audio’s ENGL amp plug-ins

As a guitar player of 25 years, I have quite a bit of analog gear in my studio. Currently I have 23 guitars, eight amps and all kinds of pedals. As a computer nerd, I’ve watched the guitar amp emulation grow to impressive levels over the last decade, but never have I been more impressed with a amp plug-in than I was with the new ENGL amp bundle from Brainworx and Universal Audio.


An illustration project by David Navarro

Great illustrations of some of the most famous guitars of all time.

This is amazing

You may remember this 14-year-old playing Eddie Van Halen’s Eruption earlier this year.

Ampkit 1.7 for iOS

This is one of my favorite guitar apps for the iPhone and iPad, especially for high gain tones.

Gibson Les Paul LPX

I’ll be honest with you, as the owner of several Les Paul guitars, I’m not quite sure what to think about this guitar.