∞ Analyst: Apple's 'impressive' growth sustainable

Apple on Tuesday posted over $3 billion in profit for its fiscal third quarter and also reported good sales numbers for many of its core products. According to one Wall Street analyst, that growth could be sustainable for the company.

∞ Apple can't keep up with iPhone 4 demand

With reports of antenna problems over the last few weeks, you might think that Apple’s new iPhone 4 is sitting on store shelfs, but that’s not the case. The truth is, Apple can’t keep up with demand for the device.

∞ SEC launches investigation into

Jim Cramer’s financial Web site is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission because of “accounting woes.” Last summer, announced there were “issues” related to how it had been recording revenue at, the marketing company it … Continued

∞ Apple stock hits record high

I usually don’t bother reporting on stock prices because they go up and down with the whims of Wall Street and investors, but today is a bit different. After announcing the ship date for the iPad earlier today, Apple’s stock … Continued