New details emerge in Apple e-book lawsuit

Laura Hazard Owen writing for paidContent:

New York, the District of Columbia and fifteen other states have joined the e-book pricing class action suit against Apple, Macmillan and Penguin, bringing the total number of states involved so far to 31 (if you include DC and Puerto Rico). The amended complaint, released Friday, reveals details that were previously redacted, including an e-mail from Steve Jobs.

∞ Amazon offers HTML5-based Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon has introduced an HTML5-based Kindle Cloud Reader. The software lets you read Kindle e-books online or offline. It works with Mac or PC paired with Chrome or Safari browsers, and the iPad using the Safari browser.

∞ Apple may match Amazon e-book prices

There has been a lot of talk about how much Apple will charge for books in its iBookstore, mostly because it is believed that Apple will charge more than Amazon. That may not be the case. A report from someone … Continued

∞ Can the Kindle compete on the iPad?

Amazon on Monday announced a new app designed specifically for Apple’s iPad and other tablet devices. It’s not a big surprise that they will have an app, but can they compete against Apple on the platform?

∞ Disney pushes into e-books with Web-based interactive books

Disney on Tuesday introduced Disney Digital Books, a new effort to capture the attention of tech-savvy early readers and their parents. The e-books are viewable on a Mac or PC running a Web browser with Flash, and the service operates on a subscription model. A free trial is also available.