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Fission Means Simple & Lossless Audio Editing

Thanks to Fission for sponsoring this week’s RSS feed on The Loop. Fission makes audio editing easy.


Crop and trim audio, paste in or join files, or just rapidly split one long file into many. Fission is streamlined for fast editing. Plus, it works without the quality loss caused by other editors, so you can get perfect quality audio even when editing MP3 and AAC files.

If you need to convert formats, Fission can do that too! You can rapidly export or batch convert files to the MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, AIFF, and WAV formats.

Download a free trial of Fission, then buy it in the App Store or directly through our store.

∞ Line 6 releases Pod Farm 2.5

Line 6 on Tuesday released a new version of its amp and effects modeling software, Pod Farm.

Pod Farm 2.5 features compatibility with any USB audio interface and 64-bit support. There is also a trial version that can be downloaded from the company’s Web site.

Included in POD Farm 2.5 are POD Farm Elements, plug-ins that streamline workflow and conserve CPU horsepower by grouping POD Farm models together by effect type. Users can load single amps, preamps or effects instead of loading multiple instances of POD Farm 2.5.

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