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Korg Legacy Collection synths updated

Since 2004, Korg’s Legacy Collection plugins have helped thousands of users to incorporate the unique sounds of some of Korg’s most coveted synths into their productions and performances. Korg’s proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology) method literally models each component of the signal chain within the original synth for unparalleled realism.

Universal Audio Sonnox Oxford EQ tips and tricks

Born from the lineage of the six-figure Sony Oxford digital console, the Oxford EQ plug-in is a flexible and powerful tool. Let’s take a look at the Sonnox Oxford EQ and explore some of the ways you might use it in your productions.

There are also some audio samples at the bottom of the page.

∞ Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced mastering suite

iZotope has greatly expanded Ozone 5’s modules with a focus on pristine sound, enhanced DSP, optimized workflow, and an updated interface. Ozone 5 Advanced builds on the product line’s reputation for superior sound quality with extended features and controls, including new innovations in visual feedback.

I know a lot of people that use Ozone and like it a lot.

∞ DontCrack V.I.P. Audio Plug-in Series

In response to your demand for high quality and efficiency, We at DontCrack have developed a new series of plug-ins that will change the way you think about plug-ins. DontCrack has partnered with leading plug-in designers from around the world … Continued

∞ Review: AmpliTube 3.5 Custom Shop

It’s always exciting when new guitar software comes out, but that’s usually about once a year. However, IK Multimedia released the AmpliTube Custom Shop as part of AmpliTube 3.5, allowing you to purchase new amps and effects anytime you want.

When you enter the Custom Shop, you are immediately reminded of Apple’s Mac App Store. That’s a good thing for IK. As far as I know, IK is the first company to take the Mac Store concept and apply it to its own products.

You have a few options when you open the app. You can add credits to your account (credits are used to purchase products), look at the gear you already purchase, and manage your account.Everything you need to do can be done from within the application — very smart move.

When you are ready to browse the available gear, the side menu gives you several options to find exactly what you’re looking. You can browse by Brand, Stomp, Amp, Cab, Mic and Rack. Each category is broken down further to narrow your search.

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∞ AmpliTube 3 Custom Shop for Mac available

IK Multimedia on Thursday released AmpliTube 3 Custom Shop, the newest version of the company’s amp modeling and effects software for the Mac.

According to IK, the “Custom Shop is an entirely new tone shopping experience that is like visiting a real guitar store, but one that is open 24/7 right in the comfort of your own studio.”

IK is offering a basic version of the software available free to download and it includes the plug-in and standalone version. The software gives you 24 gear models consisting of 9 stomp boxes, 4 amplifiers, 5 cabinets, 3 microphones, 2 rack effects and a digital tuner.

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∞ Universal Audio to release Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb plug-in

Universal Audio (UA) on Wednesday said it would release a new plug-in that is sure to excite musicians and engineers — the Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb.

The Lexicon 224 hardware unit was first introduced in 1978 and has remained a standard for reverbs ever since.

Universal Audio captured all eight reverb programs for its newest plug-in. Typical of the precise modeling it exhibits with all of its plug-ins, UA included every tunable parameter and the original unit’s input transformers and early AD/DA converters.

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∞ Toontrack releases EZmix

Toontrack is best known for its drum sampler software Superior Drummer and EZdrummer, but the company has expanded its product line to include a mixing plug-in called EZmix.

∞ NAMM Video: Universal Audio

Universal Audio makes the best audio plug-ins on the market, so it makes sense that we would spend a bit of time speaking with them at NAMM. We talked about some of the hardware and software the company makes and … Continued