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Walmart isn’t going to like this Apple Pay report

…estimates that 30% of American smartphone owners plan to use either Apple Pay or Google Wallet to buy things this holiday shopping season. What’s more, 17% of smartphone users surveyed said having the option to buy things with Apple Pay or Google Wallet would cause them to spend more money than they normally would.

Be smart Walmart. Nobody wants your shitty payment service.

How the one year, $99 Apple Music coupons work

Earlier today, I linked to the Walmart offer for one year of Apple Music at $99.

I went to the site and made the purchase. I got an email, immediately, telling me that the purchase was made. About an hour later, I got a second email with a link to redeem the offer.

I clicked the link, was taken to iTunes, entered my Apple ID password, and clicked to redeem the code automatically entered from the Walmart page. I was then presented with a button that said “Extend My Apple Music Membership”. I clicked the button and got a message telling me my Apple Music subscription was extended through the end of September, 2017.

More importantly, the message said my subscription would automatically be renewed at the $99 rate. It was not clear if I had to go back to Walmart to pay that $99. I suspect that Walmart is now out of the picture, that future payments will strictly be between me and Apple.

I do not have a family membership, so it is not clear how that will work. If someone with a family membership does give this a try, please ping me on Twitter and let me know and I will update this post.

A link to Walmart’s 12 month/$99 Apple Music email code

From the fine print:

Get all the music you want with an Apple Music subscription.

Terms and Conditions: Valid only on purchases made in the U.S. from the U.S. iTunes Store or towards an Apple Music subscription. Use requires an active iTunes account & prior acceptance of license & usage terms. Not redeemable for cash, for resale, for shipments outside the U.S. & no refunds or exchanges (except as required by law).

I’m buying one, will edit this post once I have a sense of what happens to my existing subscription.

Apple Pay rival CurrentC postpones rollout

As merchants like Walmart move ahead on their own mobile payment strategies, a consortium that once counted Walmart — along with a number of other big retailers and brands — behind it, has taken a step back. Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) today announced it would postpone a nationwide rollout of CurrentC, a smartphone payment initiative originally conceived as a mobile wallet rival to smartphone-led services like Apple Pay and Android Pay. As a result, MCX said it would lay off 30 people as it shifted its focus to working with financial institutions.

It’s dead, just cancel it.

Retailers are disabling NFC readers to shut out Apple Pay

The Verge:

a significant number of merchants, including heavyweights like Walmart, Kmart, 7-Eleven, and Best Buy, are in outright competition with Apple Pay. The retailers, through a joint venture formed in 2012, are building their own mobile payment app, called CurrentC. It’s expected to launch next year. In the meantime, these retailers have no intention to support Apple Pay.

There may be a lot of good reasons to not support Apple Pay and there may be good alternatives available now and in the future but CurrentC – which needs access to your checking account – and QR codes is not either of those things.

Amplified: I Was Told There’d Be No Math

Jim and Dan talk about Pixelmator for iPhone, Scott Forstall is producing a Broadway musical, Apple Pay is creaming Walmart in the mobile payment war, how to back up your Apple Watch, Facebook begins testing instant articles from news publishers, the American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker, and more.

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A crack in the consortium

Remember the MCX Consortium, the competing transaction processing system from Walmart, et al? One of their high profile members is Best Buy and they just agreed to take Apple Pay.

The true origins of MCX and CurrentC

This article appeared back in January 2013, long before CVS and Rite Aid pulled the plug on Apple Pay, and long before Apple Pay was even announced. There’s a lot of detail here that answers many of the current questions about CurrentC and MCX.

The 8 remaining “Worst Company in America” contenders

WOO HOO! It’s time for March Madness! We’re down to the Elite 8!

Final Four? No – we’re not talking about Ohio State, Louisville, Kentucky or Kansas. We’re talking about The Consumerist’s “Worst Company In America” contest.

Companies like Wells Fargo and Netflix, UPS and Comcast, even Apple have been voted on at The Consumerist web site all month. There are only eight wide ranging companies left vying for the title – Bank of America, AT&T, Ticketmaster, Paypal, Walmart, Facebook, Comcast and Electronic Arts.

This is a contest none of these companies wants to win.