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Taking “better pictures”

Like Ric, I have this conversation on a regular basis and his advice mirrors mine. As I teach in my classes for beginners, the camera you have really doesn’t matter. What you know about it specifically and photography in general are much more important.

Sony unveils blazing fast a9: A 24MP sports camera that shoots 20fps

On specs alone, this camera will make many sports shooters drool. The price ($4,500) puts it out of reach of most sane beginners and enthusiasts but the feature set will (slowly) make its way down the Sony line. Regardless, Sony has thrown down the gauntlet to Canon and Nikon.

Reasons why you should love a cheap kit lens

I tell my students to NOT buy a new lens when they buy their first, beginner DSLR. There’s no point. The kit lens is “good enough” for beginners until they learn how to use the camera and create great images with it. Only once you know what kind of photographer you are should you start looking to buy replacement lenses.

The Dalrymple Report

The Dalrymple Report: iPad Air, iPhone 12 and MagSafe I’ve been using the new iPad Air for about a week now and Dave and I talk about my review of the device. We also looked at the early reviews of … Continued