May 22, 2013

The Biggest

The Loop > Magazine > Issue 2

By Joe King

We can try to be bigger or we can try to be better. Of all the places, Edmonton, Canada was where I learned one of my biggest life lessons.

My band The Fray got the call early in 2011 from a much larger band that wanted us — four guys from Denver Colorado, to open up for them. They were four lads from Ireland — in one of the biggest tours of all time. It was one of those offers you pretty much drop everything to do. Even if I was getting married, I would have pushed it back to do this tour.

The week before our first show, I was walking my little girls to school when my oldest daughter asked me who I was playing with that coming weekend. “U2” I said. Her eyes lit up. “You mean I’m playing piano with you on stage?”

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