Introducing Skydio 2

I’m not a fan of posting about products or services you can’t go out and buy right now or videos that are simply advertisements for a product but this video is INSANE. If it works as advertised, it opens up some incredible possibilities for new filming ideas and at that price point and with those capabilities, DJI should be very scared.

Halide 1.14: time to get switchy

I love these blog posts from the developers of the excellent iOS camera app Halide. Really good explanations of what they are doing and what they can’t do. Their new “Lens Guides” feature is brilliant.

The balloon boy hoax solved

I remember this weird story from ten years ago. The facts and subsequent years are even weirder.

The War of the Worlds trailer

I loved the 1950 version of the novel and hated the Tom Cruise version. This one, set shortly after the book’s publication in 1897, looks really good.

Apple Watch Series 5 review: As always, on point

If you have a Series 4, you’re probably not upgrading to the 5 unless you really want that always-on display and/or the compass. But, if you have a 3 or earlier, the Series 5 is a big step up and worth the price.

I Used Apple Card overseas and had a lot of problems

The headline and body are misleading. There was likely no issue with the Apple Card itself but the way it was being used by retail staff. Regardless, something to keep in mind when traveling – have a backup card just in case.

tvOS 13: the MacStories review

I don’t use my AppleTV to nearly its full potential but, if you do, there’s a lot to like in the latest tvOS.

Apple plans to bring feature-length films to theaters

I’m always wary of stories that only refer to “people familiar with the plans” and the like and I’m doubly wary of any stories written by Tripp Mickle but this makes complete sense. The wider reach and greater visibility, especially for “awards contenders”, could help draw talent to Apple and better differentiate itself from Netflix.

Sign in with Apple: what it is and how it works

I’ve seen some developers complaining about having to implement this but any developer who doesn’t want to give users this option is one whose software I wouldn’t trust or use.

Alternative iOS app store doesn’t require a jailbreak

One of the advantages of the App Store is the vetted apps. I feel 99% safe in downloading any app from there. This is going to be the wild west of unregulated and potentially harmful apps for your iOS devices. I wouldn’t go near it with a ten-foot pole.

21 levels of skateboarding with Tony Hawk

I’ve been on a skateboard exactly two times in my life and both times I eventually fell off and almost busted my head open so I’m never going to try these tricks but it is interesting to watch them in slow motion with Hawk’s expert commentary.

Linea loves Inktober

There are all kinds of these “30-day challenges” – photography, writing, even mustaches. If you have someone who loves to draw, this might be of interest to them. My 13-year-old loves drawing and I’m going to see if I can get him interested in this. I can’t draw worth a damn but I want to buy a new iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil 2 for him just so he can use the Linea Sketch app.