Apple Card offers benefits from Mastercard, base APR lowered to 12.99%

I’ve been critical of the lack of additional benefits to users of the Apple Card vs other cards so it’s good to see a few more details from MasterCard that show benefits not mentioned in the past. But they still don’t match up to the Visa cards I use now. For example, the Apple Card does not offer purchase protection and extended warranties for cardholders which, in my opinion, are table stakes for most cards.

The Apple Card is the product that finally killed the Apple fan in me

While I disagree completely with the reasoning, it’s still interesting to see what anti-Apple Card people might say and think. And, to be clear, I wouldn’t get an Apple Card even if it was offered here in Canada. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it has value for others.

Here’s what drive-in theaters looked like in their glory days

Many of you may have missed the “good old days” of the drive-in theaters (and today’s movie-going experience is in many ways vastly better) but there was a time when this was the best way to see a movie. We went often when I was a kid in high school, sneaking in friends, beer, and candy in the trunk.

The pirates strike back

Some of us certainly did. I’ve been saying for years that all of these services are creating a giant PITA when it comes to finding the things you want to watch.

Wendy Crockett becomes first woman to win Iron Butt Rally

As a fellow motorcyclist, doing a single “Iron Butt Day” (1,000 miles in 24 hours) is inconceivable to me. The most I’ve ever done is 800 miles in a day and I was utterly exhausted for two days afterward. Crockett did 1,000 miles a day for 11 consecutive days. 12,998.9 miles.

No, Apple isn’t calling to alert you to suspicious activity

The majority of us are smart and savvy enough to not fall for this but please remind family and friends Apple will NEVER call you out of the blue and they should NEVER answer or respond to any calls, texts or emails purporting to be from Apple if they haven’t specifically requested.

2019 iPhone photography award winners announced

The camera is a hugely important part of the iPhone and Apple has done a lot of work in making it an amazing device to capture images. But it will always come down to the skill, and sometimes luck, of the photographer. But with a camera that is so easy to use and can capture stunning pictures, it’s even easier to “get the shot.”

Equifax data breach settlement

There’s a link to check if your personal data was exposed. If it was, you’ll file a claim and will get $125 or 4 years of free credit monitoring.