The chroniclers of Jeopardy!

I discovered the J! Archive many years ago when I was prepping to try and be on the show (never actually made it). The website is a throwback to the “old days” of Web 1.0 and is an incredible time sink you should not even look at unless you’ve got several hours to kill.

Top 5 crashes of 2019

A little light viewing for your Monday. Considering most of these crashes occurred at upwards of 75-100 mph, it’s amazing that all the riders were OK.

In 2020, Apple is poised to push HomeKit forward

Apple still has an opportunity to be a player in the home automation market but “slow and steady” (or “dragging their feet,” depending on your POV) is going to make that a lot more difficult. Luckily, Amazon and Google have the usual privacy and data security issues that slow adoption but Apple needs to move a lot quicker. I had many people asking me about various home automation solutions over the holidays and it was hard to wholeheartedly recommend anything HomeKit-based.

Apple shares top $300 amid optimism about holiday sales

I don’t usually post about the vagaries of Apple’s ups and downs in the stock market but the $300/share threshold is a big deal, especially for those of us who remember when the stock was at $7/share.

VW Beetle’s “The Last Mile”

I never owned one or even much liked them but there’s no denying it was an incredible vehicle that made a difference to millions of people.

Boxing Day, explained

This story is a year old but I still get questions from my American friends about Boxing Day so I thought I’d pass this along. Happy Holidays!