Apple and the CDC’s COVID-19 screening tool

The site will also have an app to download. There’s not a lot here that isn’t already known but it might be a good resource to have some of this information handy.

Damn your eyes: the ugliest cars ever made

Sure they missed some – why isn’t the Pontiac Aztek on this list!? – but overall, it’s fun to look at some of these truly unsightly automobiles.

How to mix every cocktail

While you’re stuck at home this weekend, watch this fun video and learn from a professional bartender how to make classic cocktails.

So everyone’s googling ‘bread’ now

Our local grocery store hasn’t had yeast on hand for 10 days. Luckily, we have lots and my wife loves making “Italian Bread” and I make a delicious “Japanese Milk Bread.” We’re also going to get into making sourdough bread because it doesn’t require store bought yeast.

AlphaGo full documentary movie

I tried learning Go back in college but I quickly found out I’m nowhere near smart enough to play it – and I was a pretty decent chess player. But the game fascinates me nonetheless.