THX’s iconic tone just got upgraded for the 4K era

In my younger days, this sound before the beginning of a movie sent tingles down my spine. It meant I was about to see a “good movie.” As I got older, I realized it means I’m going to see a movie with (probably) good sound but no promises as to how good the actual movie will be.

Free cable for the planet

I’m a big fan of Nomad the company and their cables specifically. I’ve used one of their Universal cables every day for the past year and it looks brand new.

How a cymbal is made

Regular readers know I’m a sucker for “making of” assembly line videos. I love this one.

Formula 1’s underdogs struggle with the technical challenges of the sport

I may be looking at the Formula 1 of my childhood through rose-coloured glasses but I don’t find the sport nearly as interesting or exciting to watch as when I was a kid. It must be hard for the vast majority of drivers to know for a certainty they have zero chance of making the podium on a race weekend.

Bahubali 2 best scene

This popped up on Twitter last week and is utterly insane. I immediately went to Netflix to watch both of the Bahubali movies.

Apple’s bulbous, colorful iMac went on sale 21 years ago today

I will always maintain that it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of the iMac to Apple. It literally saved the company from a buy out by any number of vultures and is the foundation today’s Apple is built on. It’s the last remaining product from that time and Apple has kept the name for 21 years, longer than any other single product line.

What does the BMW logo mean?

The BMW logo is one of the most recognizable in the world. Its always been assumed it represented propellers and, up until now, BMW didn’t confirm or deny that interpretation. Interesting story.

The Apple Card is not magic

A rare bit of clarity from Macworld. The Apple Card, is it presently stands, is in the middle of the pack when it comes to “the best card.” But Apple will undoubtedly offer more and better features and options as time goes by.