The iPhone at the deathbed

Many of us have complicated feelings about death and dead bodies. Personally, I wouldn’t want to do this but I understand why some would.

A definitive guide to reclining your seat on an airplane

This whole “to recline or not to recline” issue has popped up again. For the record, as a guy who is 6’3″ tall with bad knees, you not only can’t recline your seat in front of me (the seat ends up slamming into my knees), I won’t let you, going so far as to physically prevent your seat from moving back. But, keep in mind, instead of blaming each other, we should get angry at the airlines who jam us into coach with seats so tiny even the average-sized person can’t fit in some of them.

Malware threats on Macs outpace Windows for first time ever

OMG! That headline! Run! HIDE! SAVE YOURSELVES! Except… This article spread like….well…a virus over the past couple of days, prompting much glee and snickering from certain groups of computer users. And it’s an example of something I rail about on … Continued

Costco capitalism

My wife and I are big fans of Costco. Even though it’s a two hour one way trip (including a ferry ride) away, we look forward to shopping there. As a matter of fact, we’ve got a big “Costco shop” planned for tomorrow. We’ll make a day of it in the Big City. While she gets her hair done, I’ll shop for new stuff for our recently adopted puppy and then we’ll go to Costco and have sushi afterward. Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day.

Disney chairman apologizes to P.T.A. asked to pay fee after ‘Lion King’ screening

There’s just so much dumb in this story. The school should have known better (you can’t just publicly show a movie without paying the rights holder) and Disney’s legal department handled it in the worst possible way. They could have simply said, “Don’t do it again.” but they ended up embarrassing their company and causing a lot of ill will and hurt feelings.

The Swan & Mallard

John Randall: “The identity plays upon the three aspects of the restaurant’s name by unifying the swan and the mallard through the positive and negative space within the ampersand. A limited colour palette and minimalistic style helps create a simple … Continued

The magic of chess

I learned how to play chess when Bobby Fischer was World Champion (yes – I’m old) but I bet every one of these kids could still beat me.

Wacom drawing tablets track the name of every application that you open

Wacom will undoubtedly offer a heartfelt apology and explanation as to why they do this but the big question will be, for how long have they been doing this and what do they do with the data? The other part of this is I wish I had half the technical chops this guy does.