Apple car speculation: the missing pieces

I’ll quibble with Gassee’s headline – there are no “missing pieces.” There’s only the hope, wishes and fever dreams of people who want this to happen without ever examining the question Gassee asks, “Why would Apple do this?”

Apple promotes Apple TV+ for kids

There are some cute shows here. Unfortunately, my 14-year-old is a little too old for most of them. Ironically enough, we adults love “Home Before Dark.”

Netflix will start cancelling inactive members’ subscriptions

This is a great PR move by Netflix. According to Netflix, “inactive accounts represent less than a half of one percent of its overall member base,” so it won’t affect the company’s bottom line by much but they get a nice “we’re the good guys!” bump out of it.

The painful death of BlackBerry

The story of BlackBerry’s epic fall from the top of the tech mountain is a cautionary tale for many companies, Apple included.

Apple says it is reopening more stores

I have no compelling reason to go to an Apple Store at the best of times but I certainly wouldn’t go to one now. But it would be interesting to see how Apple pulls this off and I have every expectation they will do so.

Apple Arcade on TV: Seven months later, still not much progress

I let my Arcade subscription lapse a couple of months ago. While there are plenty of games, very few are of interest to our family. I think the comparison to consoles may be a little unfair but I’m not a console player so I don’t/can’t compare the experiences. On their own merits, the Apple Arcade games just aren’t compelling enough for us.

Why did Apple buy NextVR?

As the article points out, on the face of it this seems an odd buy, given that Apple has pointedly said they are more interested in AR than VR. But it may well be a personnel acquisition as opposed to a tech one.

Use your DSLR or Mirrorless camera with Zoom and other streaming apps

Farrelly has posted a fairly easy Youtube video on how to kludge together a process using the free CamLive and CamTwist software on a Mac. Hint: Try it without the Terminal trick/hack first. I did and it worked fine with Wirecast and my Nikon D600 (didn’t try it with Zoom). The biggest problem is it drained the camera battery fairly quickly. I was done after only a couple of hours.

The Saturn V in 3D sound

If you’re lucky enough to have a Surround or 3D sound system, crank this up and just let your ears bleed from all the glorious noise. Now excuse me while I go price out Surround systems.