How this guy made the world’s hottest peppers

There’s no way on God’s green earth I’d ever try one of these things – heck, I can’t eat a single jalapeno pepper – but the science of the pepper creation coupled with the physical reaction people get from eating this stuff is fascinating to me. I don’t understand why people eat food that literally causes them pain.

Photoshop for iPad nearing launch with some key features missing

I know for a fact that both beta testers and “people at Apple’ are pissed at Adobe for dragging their feet on this launch. But Adobe feels it has no “real” competition in the space and hasn’t made the iPad app a priority at the company. The first version of Photoshop for iPad will be functionally useless for professional users.

Eternal city, modern photography: the iPhone 11 Pro in Rome

So many stories trumpeting the photographic abilities of the new iPhones are accompanied by really awful photos taken by bad photographers. Viticci “cheats” by being able to take shots in a beautiful location that really does a great job of showing off the capabilities of the new camera system.

The hicks, skids, and jocks of ‘Letterkenny’ are back

It’s a very silly show, kind of like a Canadian Seinfeld. Nothing actually happens but it’s fun to watch. And I bet you’ll pick up on the Canadian slang real quick – “Pitter-patter, let’s get at ‘er.”

The life and times of a Backblaze hard drive

This is a silly bit of fluff and marketing but it’s fun and reading between the lines is interesting to see how companies like Backblaze go about their business.

Tim Cook defends decision to remove Hong Kong Maps app in memo

I’ve never said this about a Tim Cook missive but what a load of crap. Apple is between a rock and a hard place on this and, as I said to Jim Dalrymple on last night’s Your Mac Life podcast, it’s a position they’ve put themselves in and I have no sympathy for the company on this issue. They deserve all the flack they are getting – from both sides.

Beluga whale Hvaldimir returns lost GoPro

I saw this video yesterday and showed it to my son. He was understandably captivated (he wants to go to Norway to meet Hvaldimir now) and wanted to know more. I’d heard about the “Russian Spy whale” but didn’t connect it to this beluga

DuetCam – Record two cameras into one video file

During the last Apple Event, we saw this implementation in a video from Apple using Filmic Pro. The version of Filmic Pro shown is not yet available from that developer but, if all you need is this feature, DuetCam does the trick for a lot cheaper. The developer of DuestCam, Marcel Schmitz, told me via Twitter that a near-future update will have the ability to switch between the cameras while recording.

One year after ‘The Big Hack’

This is a story that should have embarrassed Bloomberg into proving it or retracting it but the rest of the media have, for the most part, sadly moved on from it.

The best of Apple Arcade: five games that you need to try out

There are a lot of games for you to try in Apple Arcade. I wouldn’t agree with this list but then again, I’m not a “gamer”. I love Grindstone and the little talked about jigsaw puzzle “game” called “Patterned”.

“Halloween in a Box” tells the story of plastic costumes of yore

I fondly remember those plastic masks as a kid. We all looked forward to going to our local Zellers and picking one out. But, because they had to fit over our winter clothes in the cold of a late fall in Nova Scotia, they all had to be extra-large sizes. My favourite was my Incredible Hulk mask. AT 6 feet tall and 12 years old, it fit me perfectly.