#HairLove, an animated short film from @MatthewACherry, tells a touching story about a father learning to do his daughter’s hair for the first time.— Sony Pictures Animation (@SonyAnimation) December 5, 2019 I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Here’s how we made our car invisible to cops

The New York to Los Angeles Cannonball Record is now an insane 27.5 hours. Now, there’s no way any of us would ever condone doing such a thing but that’s still pretty “cool” in a completely illegal kind of way.

Chaos at the top of the world

I’m glad I’m nowhere near fit enough or interested enough or wealthy enough to try to climb Everest.

‘Snowbrawl’ and the making of it

Apple’s latest “Shot on iPhone 11 Pro” spot is a “cinematic snowball fight.” I prefer the behind the scenes video.

The problem with relying on ‘Wirecutter’ reviews

I like Wirecutter and read their reviews for things I know nothing about but mostly for helping me to narrow down options. I don’t obsessively buy exactly what they recommend in a given category.

The hidden phenomenon that could ruin your old discs

While not well known, this is starting to become more of an issue as the CDs from 10-20 years ago start to “age out.” If you’ve got an old CD collection, you should check it for “disc rot.”

The chain of trust in Apple’s devices

Apple isn’t perfect and I don’t trust the company implicitly but I do trust Apple significantly more than any other company I deal with.

Don’t buy anyone a Ring camera

This kind of tech is insidious and we need to be aware of what kinds of surveillance devices we have in our homes.

Jony Ive has left the building

You just knew someone would be obsessively refreshing Apple’s Leadership page, just waiting to write this story.

Hurry, Pixelmator Photo on iPad is free right now

Pixelmator makes great software. Sadly, this app won’t work on my iPad mini and isn’t available on the iPhone but, if you have a compatible iPad, it’s a no brainer to grab this app.

Why Tesla’s Cybertruck might flop

The best comment I saw was from Twitter (paraphrasing): “The Cybertruck is a truck for Tesla fans. Tesla should have designed a Tesla for truck fans.” Musk’s boasting of pre-orders notwithstanding, this is a tough market to crack with a tough audience.

Apple delays ‘The Banker’ release amid review of family accusations

Pushing the theatrical release back even further and delaying the Apple TV+ launch means Apple couldn’t make arrangements with the accuser that would satisfy them. The film’s release may either be canceled entirely and put away forever or, more likely, released later next year after the publicity has died down.

Apple’s Black Friday sale

Apple has posted its “Black Friday” deals but, for the most part, everything they are offering is available for even cheaper elsewhere.