The mistake that toppled the Berlin Wall

Today is the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, one of the most momentous events of the 20th century. I remember watching it on TV and thinking, “This can’t be happening. There’s no way they will let this continue. It’s going to end in bloodshed.” Thankfully, it didn’t.

Apple reveals major update to its privacy webpage

Privacy is hugely important but “annoying” and “boring” for many average users. Apple does a great job of trying to lead people to learn and understand what the company is doping to protect users.

What companies don’t tell you about extended warranties

There are very few situations where I’d recommend an extended warranty – I have one on my motorcycle because I’m mechanically incompetent – and am very happy to have my warranties doubled buy buying on a credit card.

Apple TV+ official trailer for “The Banker”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I not wake up black this morning? Because I’m pretty sure I did. Yup…still black.” It may be my own personal biases coming through but with this storyline and this cast, this may be the one thing on Apple TV+ that makes me really want to sign up.

In the hot seat

I have an aversion to this kind of painful spicy food but the show, while at times too fluffy, is entertaining nonetheless.

Chrome recipe filter

If you like reading or collecting recipes (I use the website and iOS app for AnyList), you know the aggravation of just wanting to see the recipe and not the family history or some such five pages of nonsense. This extension puts the recipe at the top.

Hands on: DJI Mavic Mini review

I had the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and loved it and the reviews of this one so far are pretty good. I couldn’t live without the 4K video capture and object tracking this one lacks but if you want a high quality “budget” drone that doesn’t require you to register it with the authorities but still allows a lot of the capabilities of its big brother, this might be a good thing to put under your tree this holiday season.

The real David Attenborough

There’s no one alive I’d rather listen to. Attenborough could read the phone book and I’d listen to it.

Alex Marquez’s saved what should have been a highside crash

Insane save. He should have been flipped off the bike. I would have simply soiled my expensive leathers and jumped off. Incredible control of himself and his motorcycle at about 100mph. The guy you see at the end of the video is his dad.

How macOS Catalina’s new security features work

Apple is doing its best to make our Macs as secure as possible but some of these actions will be very confusing to users because of the lack of explanation as to why it’s happening.

70 hours of relaxing oceanscapes

This is 70 hours of oceanscapes from the BBC broken up into ten hour chunks of seven videos: coral reefs, coastlines, deep ocean, open ocean, frozen seas, ocean surfaces, and sea forests. I don’t know that anyone needs to watch this much ocean video but the BBC stuff is spectacularly beautiful.

How this guy made the world’s hottest peppers

There’s no way on God’s green earth I’d ever try one of these things – heck, I can’t eat a single jalapeno pepper – but the science of the pepper creation coupled with the physical reaction people get from eating this stuff is fascinating to me. I don’t understand why people eat food that literally causes them pain.