Watch 75 SXSW short films online right now for free

Personally, I’m all in favour of SXSW being canceled but it does hurt the indie filmmakers. If you’ve got the time (and who doesn’t now?), you might find a few cinematic gems in here.

Imagination Library bedtime stories with Dolly Parton

So many kids think of Dolly Parton as “The Book Lady” but she is so much more. But right now, I bet a lot of kids would love to have her read them bedtimes stories. Hell, I’ll watch it too because I love that book and I love the sound of Dolly’s voice.

Emma and the search for the key to the secret box

Read this thread for the most wonderful, sweetest, joyful story you’re likely to read today. In these times, we need and love stories even more. This is the story of a little girl and a father’s love and his joy at helping her explore.

Zoom meetings aren’t end-to-end encrypted, despite misleading marketing

“Everyone” is using Zoom but no one should trust Zoom. They have shown over and over again they don’t care about user security or privacy and will only “do what’s right” when caught and forced to amend their actions.

This is an area Apple could have absolutely owned with FaceTime and Group FaceTime. But it’s yet another example of Apple creating cool tech and then letting it fall by the wayside.

Dark Sky has a new home

Their iOS weather app was always one of the best and most accurate ones I used when I lived in the US. I hope Apple treats it right.

How I lost control of our bank accounts to a phone scammer

What an awful story but I’m glad Griffiths wrote it up. I saw his tweets yesterday and I wondered what was going on. This is a great reminder that any of us can be scammed, no matter how technically proficient or “smart” we think we are.

What the right to repair movement gets wrong

IEEE Spectrum: Rather than fight to repair my wounded device, I did what Big Tech and other manufacturers increasingly want owners to do. I threw it away. Today repair remains an option, one that makers want to monopolize or eliminate. … Continued

Rapper’s Delight – Brian Williams feat Lester Holt

This has been around a while but I’m not a fan of Jimmy Fallon so I hadn’t seen it until it popped up on my Facebook feed. First of all, it’s an amazing editing job. Secondly, watching Brian Williams, in all his dead seriousness “rapping” is equally amazing.

British drivers swearing

There’s just something about the British accent that makes curse words so much more enjoyable. Plus, they have words we don’t use in most of the English speaking world like “wanker” and “knob end” that just sound great.

Location data of phones on a Florida beach during Spring Break

The company that posted the information, Tectonix GEO, seems to think this demonstration was a good thing. But it shows just how much information can be gleaned from our phones. It also points out just how dangerously irresponsible it was to keep the beaches open for Spring Break.