Apple drops new Apple Arcade trailer

[VIDEO] You know what I’m going to do this weekend? Yup, I’m going to hide myself away and immerse myself in some high quality games. Seeya! (trailer embedded in main Loop post)

iOS 13: Top features & changes

[VIDEO] Jeff Benjamin clearly and calmly offers a guided tour through the main changes that come with iOS 13. Very easy to follow, full of detail. Video embedded in main Loop post.

MacStories posts remarkable, encyclopedic iOS and iPadOS 13 review

Federico Viticci, MacStories:

It was only natural (and well-deserved) for the iPad to begin advancing in a parallel direction to iOS – informed and inspired by it, but also capable of growing on its own and tackling problems that an iPhone doesn’t have to solve.

From this standpoint, there are two sides to iOS 13: on one hand, an underlying tide that raises all platforms, featuring a distillation of themes Apple comes back to on an annual basis; on the other, a fork in the road, opening a new path for the iPad’s next decade. And against this backdrop, a single question looms large:

Can Apple balance both?

This is a remarkable read, just chock full of detail on every aspect of iOS and iPadOS 13. As you make your way through it, tap the table of contents icon in the upper right corner (looks like a 2×2 grid of squares) to get a sense of the overall structure, and to jump to a particular chapter that interests you.

This is incredible work.

You can now ask Siri to play any song on Spotify


I am running both iOS 13 beta (it gets publicly released in a few hours) and Spotify beta. iOS 13 is required, as well as the latest version of Spotify from the iOS App Store for this to work.

Here’s a link to an image, showing this at work.

If you use the Spotify app on iOS 13, give it a try.

An exclusive look inside Apple’s A13 Bionic chip

Om Malik, Wired:

About 72 minutes into the annual iPhone launch event, Apple senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller invited Sri Santhanam to come onstage and talk about the brand new A13 Bionic chip found inside all three of the new phones.


By the time Santhanam was done talking, all I could think of were the numbers. Apple’s new chip contains 8.5 billion transistors. Also, there are six CPU cores: Two high-performance cores running at 2.66 GHz (called Lightning), and four efficiency cores (called Thunder). It has a quad-core graphics processor, an LTE modem, an Apple-designed image processor, and an octa-core neural engine for machine intelligence functions that can run a trillion operations per second.

This new chip is smarter, faster, and beefier, and yet it somehow manages to consume less power than its predecessor. It’s about 30 percent more efficient than last year’s A12 chip, one of the factors that contributes to the extra five hours per day of battery life in the new iPhones.

And this on the competing chips from Qualcomm, Huawei, and Samsung:

Those chips have some faster components and more of them, so you may think those chips perform better than Apple’s. But the reality is that we hardly use the entire capacity of the chips that come in our mobile devices. One or two high-performance cores are enough for most of what we throw at our phones. Apple’s six-core design might seem lagging compared to the eight-core processors from the competitors, but really, the two big processors on its chip easily outperform its rivals’ designs.

This is a terrific read. No special hardware knowledge required.

iPhone 11 “audio zoom”

[VIDEO] One of the little-covered announcements in last week’s full-to-the-brim Apple event, was the iPhone 11’s so-called audio zoom.

Here’s a video (embedded in the main Loop post) that shows off how this works.

Apple Fifth Avenue: The cube is back


Apple today previewed the new Apple Fifth Avenue, an entirely reimagined space beneath one of New York City’s most recognized landmarks. With its distinctive, luminous glass cube rising above a newly designed public plaza, Apple Fifth Avenue is ready to resume its place at the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant creative communities.

Now nearly double the size of its original version with a higher ceiling and more natural light, Apple Fifth Avenue is a brighter, more expansive space, and the perfect stage for customers to discover and try Apple’s newest products. A new Forum will be home to free, daily Today at Apple programming, which kicks off Saturday with a special series that captures the creative spirit of New York. The area dedicated to Geniuses has also doubled, allowing the team to dramatically increase service capacity. It remains the only Apple retail location open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Follow the headline link, check out those images. Those circular stairs are a marvel.

Apple Arcade could have huge consequences for the iOS app ecosystem

Great food for thought from The Verge’s Dieter Bohn. Read it, it’s well written, not too long.

Bottom line, it does not seem an unreasonable conclusion that Apple Arcade will impact the App Store, at least in the Games section. The question is, will that impact be seismic?

Will Apple Arcade have a similar impact to music streaming, where all-you-can-eat replaced one-at-a-time song sales?

Will the Apple Arcade grow into the thousands, even tens of thousands? Or will Apple limit the number of games in the catalog?

One thing that is clear to me: For the consumer, Apple Arcade is a big win. Not only for value, but for the ability to live in a world free of scams and the pressure to make in-app purchases.


Apple Arcade, coming in just a few short hours

You might want to clear the decks around 10a PT, 1p ET, 6p London time. There’re a lot of games to be played.

As we shared yesterday, here’s a nice list of games to get you started, and a growing list of all the games on Apple Arcade so far.

While you wait, now might be a good time to dig out your Xbox One, PS4, or MFi game controllers and charge ’em up.

Once you dig in, ping me with your absolute favorite games.

T-Mobile jumps on 3% Daily Cash Apple Card bandwagon


Today, T-Mobile announced it is the only wireless provider to offer 3% Daily Cash on Apple Card. Starting Friday, September 20, all customers will receive 3% Daily Cash when they use Apple Card with Apple Pay at any T-Mobile store. Combine that with T-Mobile’s current offer — 50% off the latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with 24 monthly bill credits and an eligible trade-in — and customers score serious savings on the latest and greatest.

First things first, if you’re considering a carrier switch, this might be worth considering. As I read it, you have to go to a T-Mobile store. Not clear if this works if you start service on-line or over the phone.

There’s also this:

And this is just the beginning, as T-Mobile will bring Apple Pay to the T-Mobile app and

“Will bring”. Not clear when this will happen, but once it does, you should get the 2% Apple Pay bonus when you pay your monthly bill, so add that to the equation.

One final thought on the 3% list. I wish there was an easy way to tell if a merchant I was about to pay offered the 3% bonus. Seems to me, there should be a way, on the Apple Card Wallet page, to tell me the bonus of the nearby terminal. That’s prompt me to use Apple Card in that situation. As is, I have to remember the list of 3% offerers.

7 out of 10 Apple Watch customers are first time buyers, not upgraders

Zac Hall, 9to5Mac:

Apple Watch is still a maturing product category for Apple, and that shows in the adoption data. According to CNBC, Apple says a whole 70% of Apple Watch customers are buying their very first model. That means that 30% of Apple Watch customers are actually upgrading from older models, but Apple hasn’t fully tapped into the upgrade pool yet.

Here’s a link to the CNBC article. Great catch by Zac.

70% of Apple Watch buyers are new to Apple Watch. That’s incredible growth. And it’s before Apple Watch Series 5 hits the street.


Night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro. Ready to have your mind blown?

First off, check this pair of images. So good it just feels fake:

Now move on to this video. Again, amazing. I really appreciate seeing this from the user’s perspective. Great, great work.

I’m waiting for DxOMark to test the iPhone 11 Pro in their new Night mode comparison tests. It’ll be interesting to see how the iPhone 11 Pro Night mode compares to the Pixel 3 in a rigorous test.

NBC’s Apple TV+ competitor, Peacock, has The Office, Parks and Rec, and a lot more

Hollywood Reporter:

The ad-supported, direct-to-consumer platform will be called Peacock and launch in April 2020 with a lineup of more than 15,000 hours of content, including exclusive library titles like Parks and Recreation and originals including reboots of Battlestar Galactica, Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster. Peacock will take center stage during NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in 2020 when the entire NBCUniversal fold will get behind the platform with a massive marketing push promoting the service, with originals set to launch after the Games.

Ad supported. This like the Hulu model, with two pricing tiers, one with ads, and a premium version ad-free?

Peacock will be the exclusive streaming home for both The Office and Parks, with other library titles set to debut at launch on the service eventually becoming exclusive to the platform. Those titles — nearly all of which are from studio counterparts Universal TV and UCP — include 30 Rock, Bates Motel, Battlestar Galactica, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Cheers, Chrisley Knows Best, Covert Affairs, Downton Abbey, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, Friday Night Lights, House, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, King of Queens, Married … With Children, Monk, Parenthood, Psych, Royal Pains, Saturday Night Live, Superstore, The Real Housewives, Top Chef and Will & Grace.

That’s a huge back catalog, with lots of movies as well. Going to be interesting to watch Apple TV+ build a service from scratch. Definitely a long game. I expect some consolidation over time, as the limits of consumer pocketbooks are reached.

City proposes 1G broadband for $60/month. Comcast fights it, loses.

Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica:

A municipal broadband service in Fort Collins, Colorado went live for new customers today, less than two years after the city’s voters approved the network despite a cable industry-led campaign against it.


The Colorado Cable Telecommunications Association (CCTA), of which Comcast is a member, donated $815,000 toward a campaign against the ballot initiative. The Chamber of Commerce also opposed the plan. Comcast didn’t participate in the campaign publicly, but the company would have been the main beneficiary of a vote against the municipal option.

In all, the industry-led opposition spent more than $900,000 fighting the ballot question, while the pro-broadband group led by residents spent about $15,000.

This is a huge win. What fair-minded person would vote against such a service, a service that levels the playing field for all people in the community, gives far more value than Comcast was offering.

More of the same, please.

Apple Arcade goes live (for some). And it’s a winner.

Apple Arcade went live yesterday, at least for people running the iOS 13 beta.

I’ve been playing on both my iPhone XR and my iPad. The experience is phenomenal. There’s an overwhelming number of games, more than I can possibly digest in even a few days. And a steady stream of more games to follow.

Jump to the main Loop post for thoughts on Apple Arcade, along with a great video from Rene Ritchie.

The Verge: iPhone 11 Pro is the BEST camera on a phone

[VIDEO] Follow the headline link for the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max review. But watch the video embedded in the main Loop post for the visuals.

I especially appreciate Nilay Patel’s voiceover explanation of Smart HDR and the mention of Deep Fusion, a software update for low light that is said to be coming later this year.

All-in-all, a terrific video to watch if you are interested in the iPhone 11 Pro camera.

And don’t miss the pictures Matthew Panzarino took on his trip to Disney World with the iPhone 11 Pro, especially that Night mode pic of Winnie the Pooh, inside a dark ride, with no flash.

Apple’s iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro studio lets you compare models side-by-side

Follow the headline link, tap iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, then pick a color. Tap the side arrows to step through the gallery for that model/color combination.

Next, tap the Compare models button to get to the compare page. Tap the tabs at the top to compare specs.

I found this useful. But check out the URL. “”. I’ve not seen that one before.

Apple Watch Series 5 compass and magnetic watch bands

Zac Hall, 9to5Mac:

Digital compasses like the one inside the new Apple Watch Series 5 and iPhone 3GS and later rely on a magnetoresistive permalloy sensor called a magnetometer to detect levels of magnetism.


Apple warns that bands with magnetic clasps may cause interference with the built-in compass.

It’s an edge case, but if you prefer Apple Watch bands with magnetic clasps (such as Leather Loop, Milanese Loop, and Modern Buckle), be aware they might mess with the compass.

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro cinematic tests

[VIDEO] Pretty cool. The camera updates are so compelling to me, both for photography and videos. And that Boba Fett Midnight Green color. Video embedded in main Loop post.

Apple Watch whimsy

If you are interested in Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 5, here’s a bit of fun.

Follow the headline link, scroll through all the eye candy, until you get to a section labeled Apple Watch Studio.

Tap that pride-outlined button labeled “Create your style”. This is the latest and greatest take on stepping through the cases and bands (don’t miss the Side view button) to get a sense of all the styles and colors, to home in on your custom Apple Watch.

Next up, open the link on your iPhone, scroll down again, this time stopping at the section labeled “See Apple Watch Series 5 in AR”. Go ahead and tap the “View in AR” button.

You can drag the virtual Apple Watch to a new location, and walk around to get a better view. If you’ve got long enough arms, you can even get the Apple Watch onto your arm and take a screenshot.

Have not yet figured out a way to change the model. Ping me if you figure that one out.

Apple, keeping the whimsy alive.

Why 5G isn’t ready for Apple

Jessica Dolcourt, CNET:

One day, 5G will become the new standard for data speeds, but for now, growth is slow and the coverage sporadic and limited. While Samsung says it already sold 2 million 5G phones, roadblocks litter the way between early adoption and mass use.

5G isn’t even close to ready for prime time. The current rollouts require you to be physically near (within feet) of a transceiver to get the top speeds. Move away from the transceiver and your speed drops significantly. And, obviously, if you live in the suburbs or beyond, it’ll be years before those transceivers make it out to your neck of the woods.

As Apple has shown time and again, they are patient, waiting until they can deliver a superior experience before they release a new product. 5G is just not there yet.

Apple has time. And they’ve got plenty of work to do, both in absorbing Intel’s modem business (which they acquired in July) and in incorporating that technology into a carrier-agnostic 5G modem that won’t overheat in the hot summer sun.

Apple’s iPhone simultaneous front and back camera recording, coming to older models

Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac:

At its event last week, Apple previewed a new version of Filmic Pro running on the iPhone 11 Pro. It was a compelling demo with the app able to record from multiple cameras simultaneously, like recording the front and back camera together.

If you haven’t seen this demo, take a minute to watch that part of last week’s Apple event. The demo starts at about 1:27:06. It’s short.

What really struck me, and the subject of Benjamin’s post, is the ability of Filmic Pro to record both the front facing camera and the selfie camera at the same time. A very specific use-case, true, but if you have that need, this is a big deal. And, I suspect, there are movie makers who will add this to their bag of tricks and we’ll start to see the double-camera effect make its way into indie features.

The multi-cam recording relies on new API introduced in iOS 13. At the WWDC session on the subject, Apple stressed that this required significant reworking of the hardware pipeline of their devices, but that the necessary changes have been made in the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and the new iPad Pro models.

If you have one of those existing models, take a read through the linked article.