Review: Posse Monitor System

The Posse Monitor System is a headphone amplifier system that incorporates multiple inputs, and various additional features, for musicians to hear themselves while performing. This analog system is a good quality hard-wired system that fills a need for such a thing where one is conspicuously absent. In other words, the mainstream pro-audio manufacturers like AKG, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, and others, continue to focus on developing wireless systems. […]

∞ Review: Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

The first measure of any professional audio product or instrument is its sound quality. Once you have that, the rest is often a matter of personal preference. In this instance, the hardware that is the vehicle bringing your audio into … Continued

∞ Review: Yamaha DTX-950 Digital Drums

It may be difficult to get over being skeptical about digital drum kits — and it was — until a friend, and well-known performer, recommended (and, in fact, insisted) investigating the Yamaha DTX-950. His point was simply that they are … Continued

∞ Review: MacKeeper system utility

MacKeeper is a very well thought out multi-function system maintenance utility for the Mac OS that combines a huge amount of features offering both standalone and online services.